Scantron Scoring Service (Form T&E 200)

The Testing Office can assist faculty with scoring for the blue T&E 200 Scantron answer sheet. Our score report will display overall scores and a detailed statistical analysis.

To request test scoring:

  • Please collate all answer sheets so that they are facing the same direction and grouped as you would like them scored (by class set, version, etc). Use separate manila file folders to separate groups as needed.
  • For each exam version, fill out a green General Purpose Answer Key (Form T&E 100, available free to instructors in the Testing Office).
  • Deliver the answer sheets to our office in-person, or have a designated staff representative drop them off. There is a logbook to fill out which will need to be completed during drop-off.

Exam return:

  • When you drop off the exams, please indicate if you would like to pick up the original exam answer sheets in-person, or if you would like us to return it to you via campus mail. (Additional delivery time needed for campus mail.)
  • We can send you the score report electronically via e-mail as soon as it is ready. Let us know when you drop it off. 
  • Exams dropped off will be ready for pickup within 2 business days. During finals, exams dropped off before noon will be ready same-day; exams dropped off after noon will be ready by 9am on the next business day.