Frequently Asked Questions

aqua wheelchairs

Q: I have a disability. Can I still use the pool?
A: The Timpany Center is an all-accessible facility that is open to all ages and all abilities.

Q: I do not have a disability. Can I still use the pool?
A: Yes, the Timpany Center is open to all ages and all abilities.

Q: Can I have an attendant in the water with me?
A: Yes, attendants are allowed in the water. An attendant must stay within arm's reach of you, and must also pay the attendant fee.

Q: I would like someone to help me in the water. Can you set me up with an attendant?
A: No, the Timpany Center does not provide attendants. However, Timpany Center is classified as a learning institution through San Jose State University, and we offer the Spartan Program. This is a program where you work with a student and both gain from the hands on experience. For more information regarding the Spartan Program please speak with our outreach coodinator.

Q: Does the Timpany Center accept insurance?
A: No, the Timpany Center does not take insurance. We can provide you with a receipt printed on Timpany Center letterhead for you to submit to your insurance company on your own if your insurance provides reimbursements

Q: What forms of payment does the Timpany Center accept?
A: We take cash, check, and the following credit or debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. All checks must be made payable to San Jose State Research Foundation or SJSURF.

Q:How can I support the Timpany Center?
A: The Timpany Center graciously accepts donations. Please visit our donation store.