Aqua Fitness

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The Timpany Center offers Aqua Fitness Classes designed for individuals of all ages, fitness, and ability levels.  Warm-water exercise has substantial benefits such as increased blood flow and flexibility.  Individuals looking to relieve back and arthritic pain, reduce stress, and strengthen and increase their general fitness can find a class specific to their needs at the Timpany Center.

Aqua Fitness Class Schedule

Aqua Fitness Schedule and prices

Aqua Class Descriptions

Ai Chi

Learn to move through a flowing progression of slow broad movements of arms, legs and torso. Improve range of motion and mobility and experience the deep relaxation that promotes sleep. Very relaxing and great for reducing daily stress and anxiety.

Healthy Joint Movement

Formerly called Arthritis II, this aqua class aims to increase muscle strength and endurance in addition to reducing pain and stiffness. The instructor will also focus on increasing range of motion within the joint areas that are important for day to day simple life functions.

Healthy Back

This program is designed to help back pain and is recommended for anyone that suffers from back pain due to stress and tension, traumatic accidents, poor physical condition, overuse, poor body mechanics and muscle imbalance. This program aims to improve flexibility, strength & balance, range of motion, coordination and gait and decrease pain level.


Fun, low impact water conditioning to promote overall fitness including cardiovascular health, balance, muscle toning, and endurance.

Aqua Aerobics

Splash into the low-impact cardio and conditioning class that uses the latest aqua based techniques to provide a high energy workout that is easy on the joints. All fitness levels welcome!