Personal Training

Personal Training

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Training Rates (30 minute sessions)

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With all 5 session packages an assessment is included. You may also purchase an assessment for any other personal training package. The cost to purchase an assessment is $20.

*For any buddy workout sessions people in session must sign up together. The price listed is a per person price, not group total.


Basic trainers are SJSU interns just starting their careers in the fitness and wellness industry. While they may not be certified trainers, they have taken the necessary coursework to ensure that they can safely explain and demonstrate the use of fitness equipment both on land and in water.  

Members who enroll for the basic package are generally free of major health concerns and are looking for fitness center orientations, pool equipment usage demonstrations and information to get started in either the pool or the gym.


Elite trainers have either a bachelor's degree in a health science or related field, and a personal training certification from a nationally recognized organization. An elite trainer is certified, but may not have the experience or specializations that an higher level trainer may possess.

Members who enroll in this program are looking at smaller long terms goals such as weight loss, strength building and functional fitness. Members who enroll at this level may have moderate health conditions that are under control.

Elite Gold

Elite Gold trainers have both a bachelor's degree AND at least one personal training certification. Trainers at this level specialize in not only the basics of health and fitness, but may also possess specialty certifications such as: strength and conditioning, balance and flexibility, martial arts, cancer recovery, older adults, functional fitness and more. The Gold Elite trainer is seasoned with multiple years of fitness and wellness experiences.

Members who enroll in this program generally have very specific fitness and wellness needs related to either their own personal health or sport participation. Due to the higher level of education of the Elite trainer, those with post rehabilitation issues might work best with this type of trainer.


Platinum trainers are those trainers that not only possess fitness certifications but also a doctorate in health or wellness. These could also include P.T and O.T depending on the trainer. This trainer has the educational background and specialties to work with almost all health conditions and goals. Their advanced degrees ensures a higher level of safety for those clients who are the most fragile. Specialties include falls prevention and balance, older adult fitness, adapted martial arts for all ages, functional fitness, Parkinson's, Chort-Marie Tooth Syndrome, high blood pressure, glaucoma, and many other unique health conditions.

Members who sign up for this level have multiple health concerns and or conditions that warrant a higher level of academic certifications to more safely and effectively train for a variety of fitness and wellness goals.

Cancellation Policy

Any and all cancellations or changes to pre-scheduled appointments with a trainer must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the loss of said scheduled session.