Forms, Policies, and Procedures

Download forms for accounts payable, travel, human resources, and more. Forms must be printed, filled out and signed (as required) before submission to the Tower Foundation.


Account Authorization [PDF] (New account or change an existing account)


Accounts Payable (Purchasing & Procurement)

Hospitality Guidelines [PDF]

Independent Contractor Agreement [PDF] and Assembly Bill 5 regarding Employment Status

Reimbursed Salary Authorization Form [DocuSign]

Release Time Authorization [DocuSign]

Requisition Purchase Order and Procedures [PDF]

Vendor/Consultant Data Form [PDF]

W-9 Request For Taxpayer ID [PDF]

W-8BEN Request For Foreign Taxpayer ID [PDF]



Donation Deposit [PDF]

Gift Intent Form (In-Kind) [PDF]

Non-Monetary Gift Acceptance Form [PDF]

RBC Wealth Management Stock Form [PDF]
Email form via Adobe Acrobat to



Event Authorization Form [PDF]

Event Finance Report [XLS]

Fundraising Event Procedures [PDF]

Raffle Procedures [PDF]


Human Resources

Employee Rights Notice: COVID-19, FFRCA [PDF] and Notice Eligibility & Request Form [PDF]

Address & Name Change Form [PDF]

Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF]

Direct Deposit Sign-Up Form [PDF]

Electronic Time Reporting - STRATUSTIME [LINK] and Instructions [PDF]

Employee Benefits [PDF] and Employee Handbook

Employee Clearance Form [PDF] (Terminating Employment or Tower Funding)

I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification [PDF]

IRS form W-4 [PDF] 

Payroll and Holiday Calendar 2021 [PDF]

Request for Verification of Employment [PDF]

Request to Hire, Rehire, Change Employee Funding Account

If Tower funds are used to pay for work, the individual must be hired as a Tower employee. 
No work may begin until Tower HR has completed the employee orientation and  payroll has notified the employee. 

New hire:

  1. Complete the appropriate appointment form below. Original signatures or DocuSign are accepted. Submit DocuSigned appointments to
  2. Once Tower approves of the funding and hire, Tower HR will contact the applicant to schedule an employee orientation.
  3. Tower HR will notify managers by email that the employee completed the orientation and will confirm the employment start and end dates.  Employee may not work until the start date has been confirmed by payroll.


Submit the completed appropriate appointment form below, check the box for reappointment/rehire. No employee orientation is required. Tower HR will notify the employee and manager of the reappointment approval by email.

If an employee's funding account changes: submit the appropriate appointment form below, check the box new account/account change, and obtain the new account holder's signature.

Student Assistants* and Non-SJSU Personnel, use this form:
* Students must provide current proof of enrollment (6 units min.) per semester and may not work more than 20 hrs/week.

Employee Appointment Form [PDF] (Please attach a detailed job description & class schedule)

or Fillable Form: Employee Appointment Form [PDF]

SJSU/CSU Personnel, including faculty, use this form:

University Employee Appointment Form [PDF]

or Fillable Form: University Employee Appointment Form [PDF]


Procurement Card (P-Card)

Procurement Card Policy [PDF] and Procurement Card Application [PDF]

Reference Guide Access Online [PDF]


Student Clubs and Organizations

Requests for Tax ID or W-9 [PDF]

EXAMPLE: Filling out a Donation Deposit Form [PDF]



SJSU Student Travel Informed Consent [PDF]

Travel Advance [PDF]

Travel Approval [PDF]

Travel Policy [PDF] and Travel Expense Claim [XLS]


Download the free Acrobat Reader to view PDF files.