About Us


Originally called the Association of Department Chairs, then the Association of Department Chairs and Directors, the SJSU University Council of Chairs and Directors was created to provide chairs and directors with a forum to exchange ideas and address organization issues unique to the chair/director role. In 1996, members agreed that the UCCD:

is a group organized to act in an advisory role to all personnel involved in campus governance. Most particularly, the Council should be consulted in the implementation of policy that affects faculty as well as be part of the informational loop in the formation of policy. The Council has no authority to form campus policy. The Council aims to provide a means to share information, contribute to the development of chairs/directors, and generally provide a support group to chairs and directors on campus. A specific information sharing goal is to organize attendance at campus or off campus meetings that involve issues relevant to departments/schools and schools. By choosing designated attendees who will bring back the pertinent information all chairs/directors will have more time to run their departments/schools without loss of awareness of community issues. In general the Council hopes to be proactive rather than reactive in its efforts to be a voice on campus.