Past UCCD Chairs

Year Name Department/School
1986-19?? Veril Philips Mathematics and Computer Science
????  Lucy McProud  Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging
1995  Jack Haeger English
1996 Eloise Hammann Mathematics 
1997-1999 Ken Blasé Journalism and Mass Communication 
1999-2000 Robert Milnes School of Art and Design
2000-2007  Dennis Jaehne  Communication Studies 
2007-2009 Dennis Jaehne
Bradley Stone
Communication Studies
2009-2010 Bradley Stone Chemistry
2010-2014 Stephanie Coopman Communication Studies
2014-2016 Lydia Ortega Economics
2016-2019 Lynda Heiden Psychology
2019 Deanna Fassett Communication Studies

Peter Allen Lee

Lynne Trulio

Social Work

Environmental Studies