Resolution on Cancellation of Undergraduate Classes with Fewer than 15 Students

TITLE: Cancellation of Undergraduate Classes with Fewer than 15 Students

AUTHOR: University Council of Chairs and Directors (UCCD)

REFERRED TO: President Qayoumi

VIA: Academic Senate

DATE: March 25, 2013

Whereas, many undergraduate students cannot register for their classes until the first day of classes for a wide variety of reasons such as financial constraints, grade forgiveness policy, advising holds, and administrative problems;

Whereas, many low-enrolled undergraduate classes are required for students’ majors and are necessary to ensuring students’ progress towards graduation;

Whereas, many undergraduate classes have an enrollment history of adding students to and above 15 on the first day of class;

Whereas, most chairs and directors willingly cancel undergraduate classes that are seriously under-enrolled (fewer than 10) and are not likely to reach 15 students;

Whereas, deans can work with chairs and directors to identify undergraduate classes that are under-enrolled before the first day of class but are likely to reach 15 before the third class meeting of the semester, or classes that are essential for expediting student time to graduation;

Whereas, student-faculty ratios (SFRs) have increased in many departments due to reductions in sections offered and, thus, offering a small number of courses with fewer than 15 students will not significantly reduce the university’s SFR;

RESOLVED, that for the benefit of students and shortening times to graduation, under-enrolled undergraduate classes needed for student graduation or with a high likelihood of reaching 15 students before the third class meeting will be permitted to meet for the first and second class meetings (or comparable time for online and hybrid classes).

RESOLVED, that undergraduate classes may be cancelled before the third class meeting if the classes do not reach 15 students or a number fewer than 15, as approved by the college dean.