Unitrack Partnerships

Through Unitrack, a school or district can offer SJSU classes at their own site taught by their own instructors. Courses offered through Unitrack must be reviewed for equivalence to lower division SJSU classes (numbered in the 1-99 range), and high school instructors who teach Unitrack classes must meet the minimum qualifications to be hired as lecturers in the authorizing SJSU department.

To date, the following classes have been approved through Unitrack:

  • ECON 1A: Macroeconomics
  • ECON 1B: Microeconomics
  • POLS 01: American Government
  • ENVS 01: Introduction to Environmental Issues
  • STAT 95: Elementary Statistics

If you are a high school teacher or administrator who is interested in exploring the possibility of setting up a Unitrack Partnership with SJSU, use the SJSU Course Catalog or Schedule of Classes to identify the course or courses that you would like to offer through Unitrack and fill out the interest form below.

The Fine Print

  • Course approval is at the discretion of the academic department that sponsors the course. The approval process will involve a review of the course curriculum and the credentials of the high school instructors who will teach the course. Some SJSU departments may choose not to participate in Unitrack Partnerships.
  • For each approved Unitrack course, SJSU will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the school or district that specifies the duration of Unitrack approval and certifies the instructors who teach the course for SJSU credit. All Unitrack MOUs will last for one or two academic years, at the discretion of the authorizing department, before they must be renewed.
  • The cost of the program is $17.00 per student.
  • Students may take only one Unitrack course per semester and two Unitrack courses total. After taking two courses, high school students may continue to enroll in SJSU courses through Open University at the regular fee schedule (currently $840 for a three-unit lecture).
  • For additional information, refer to the High School Educators section of our FAQ page.

Want to partner with SJSU?

To inquire about establishing a Unitrack Partnership with SJSU, please complete this interest form.