Program Accreditation Procedures

Assistance with Accreditation

Undergraduate Education (UE) can provide three types of assistance with the accreditation process:

  • Assist programs with the identification of the sources of the data required as part of the program self study.
  • Cover the reasonable, authorized costs associated with the accreditation process. SJSU has a limited budget to cover the cost of annual dues, accreditation fees, and expenses incurred by the accreditation team representing the accreditation agency (travel, lodging, and meals). Funds are not available from this account to assist with the preparation of the self study, to entertain the team, or to fund travel to send a SJSU faculty or staff member to an accreditation function. The latter cost is to be paid from college or department funds.
  • Meet with the accreditation team members during the visit to our campus and assist with the development of responses to evaluation reports made by an accreditation team.

Financial Arrangements

The process for covering the costs of accreditation follows:

Cost of Annual Dues for Accreditation Agencies

Send the invoice to UE, via the College Dean's Office, as soon as it is received. We will process it directly and will send confirmation that it has been processed. It is always best to retain a copy of the invoice for program records.

Cost That Requires Prepayment

Some offices submit cost information for payment two or three days before the amount is due and payable. Please try to get the proper information to UE as early as possible. There will be no guarantee that a check will be available before the required deadline date if the needed information is not given to UE well ahead of time.

Cost of the Visit to the Campus

Submit to UE, via the College Dean, an estimate of the cost of the accreditation visit in advance: travel, lodging, and meals. The costs must be consistent with the reimbursement schedule permitted by the state. See the accreditation section of the Travel Guide for current accreditation or travel procedures. A budget will be approved in advance of the visit. After the visit when the total costs are known and submitted to UE, the expenditures will be transferred from the accreditation account to the college or department General Fund account.

Suggestions for Preparation for Reaccreditation or a New Accreditation

Select an accreditation agency that has a solid academic reputation in the field to review your program.

Prepare for the self study well in advance of the date due to the accreditation agency. Self studies represent a good deal of work and, if done properly, involve substantial consultation and analysis. Initiating the planning process up to two years in advance of the date the report is due may be about the right amount of time. Also, provide adequate time for involvement in the development of the self study by others on campus who can be helpful (e.g., the college Dean, Dean of the Library, College of Graduate Studies, Office of Research, Office of Institutional Research and the UE office).

Make arrangements as far in advance as possible for the visit to the campus by the accreditation team. This should include scheduling meetings with those accreditation teams normally request to visit (President, Provost/AVP, Dean), making hotel accommodations, and working with UE regarding the payment of appropriate expenses.

The development of the campus response to the report of the accreditation team is a crucial step in the process, as the team's report will normally determine the accreditation status of the program. Frequently, a meeting to determine how best to respond to the accreditation team report is helpful; it is not uncommon that a response to describe campus or CSU policies and practices will help satisfy a portion of the concerns of accrediting agencies.

Reporting Requirements

Once the self study is final, a digital copy should be sent  to UE for the accreditation library. If the Provost will be meeting with the accreditation team, an additional copy of the self study should also be sent to the Provost's Office.

Copies of the site visit report, any campus response to the site visit report, and final notice of continued accreditation will need to be sent to the UE Office.

Accreditation Schedules

Please email with any corrections in respect to information regarding accreditation schedules. This information is used to develop the budget to pay accreditation bills as well as provide public information regarding the status of campus programs.