Special Major BA/BS

The Special Major BA/BS is designed for situations in which an existing SJSU undergraduate degree major does not adequately accommodate academic professional aims.

In consultation with the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education, a student may create an individually designed, interdisciplinary course of study leading to a BA or BS Special Major degree. The Special Major allows a student to fulfill specific educational objectives when existing majors do not exist for the accomplishment of those goals. 

Students who complete a Special Major shall be able to demonstrate the characteristics of “intentional learners” who can adapt to new environments, integrate knowledge from different sources, and continue learning throughout their life.

The Special Major may not be used to bypass normal graduation requirements or projected programs of the University, nor to substitute for a major in which a student is having academic difficulty.

Eligibility Requirements

Students meeting the requirements below are eligible to apply for the Special Major through the Office of Undergraduate Education. To be eligible for consideration, students must have:

  • both a cumulative and SJSU GPA of at least 2.75;
  • at least 60 units earned (upper division standing); 
  • and have at least one year of academic work still to be completed to meet minimum degree requirements.

Application Process

If you meet eligibility requirements and want to apply for the Special Major, please visit Special Major, BA or Special Major, BS catalog pages for details on the application process and a list of previously approved special majors.

How will my Special Major degree appear on my diploma?

The diploma and transcript will contain the title, "Special Major", followed by the exact title of the major listed on the Change of Major Form.