Campus Safety


To report an emergency, call the University Police Department (UPD) at (408) 924-2222, or dial 911.

UPD is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment through professional, progressive and superior police, emergency, transportation and educational services in alliance with the campus community. More information is available on their website.


Reporting ICE on Campus:

While unlikely to occur at SJSU, we want to ensure students that their safety is important to us. Any inquiries from ICE or any federal, state or local official requesting information about a student's immigration status should be directed to the University Police Department at 408-924-2222. SJSU will not assist agencies with such requests. Pleaase visit our Legal Support pages an Community Resources for more information around Know Your Rights, and the Santa Clara Rapid Response Network. 



Reporting a Discrimination Incident

Reporting a Crime