UndocuAlly Training Program

Fall 2019 Date

Friday, November 22, 2019: 9am-4pm, ENGR 287


Please note: In order to effectively engage all participants, each session will be limited to 25 people. If capacity has been reached for one particular session, you will be placed on a wait list or will be added to the next available date. A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided.

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UndocuAlly Training Program Outline:

USRC UndocuAlly Training Program Outline

What is the goal of the UndocuAlly Training?

Through the program, we hope to strengthen a community of SJSU allies that will advocate for the rights of undocumented students to a safe learning environment, equitable access to resources, and educational opportunities.

Immediate outcomes of the training include, but are not limited to:

  • Becoming familiar with federal and state legislation
  • Identifying best practices to advocate and support undocumented students
  • Recognizing the various experiences and challenges of undocumented students
  • Improving the quality of educational opportunities and experiences at SJSU
  • Creating a network of UndocuAllies that consists of staff and faculty
  • Creating an environment that is welcoming of all students regardless of immigration status/background


What is an UndocuAlly?

An UndocuAlly is someone who:

  • Identifies as a supporter that advocates for the undocumented community
  • Is clear about his/her own motivation in becoming an ally
  • Is proactive and informed in the most recent immigration laws/policies/news
  • Finds legal alternate ways that assist undocumented students to meet academic requisites when the students are excluded by law from regular participation in employment, federal/state aid, federal programs, paid internships, travel, or the use of identification forms that they do not have, etc.
  • Listens openly, yet does not interrogate the student on their immigration status
  • Creates a climate of trust that allows undocumented students to reveal their situation at their own pace
  • Does not disclose a student’s status without the student’s permission
  • Is committed to maintaining confidentiality and respecting the privacy of people who are undocumented


What are the benefits of being an UndocuAlly?

  • You become part of a growing, visible community of UndocuAllies at SJSU
  • You develop closer relationships with a wider range of students
  • You take an active role in creating a campus climate that promotes student success.
  • You influence others who may want to act in support of undocumented students but may not know how to
  • Inspire trust in students that may not normally ask for help


What are the risk(s) of identifying as an UndocuAlly?

  • You may experience hostility from colleagues who have opposing views and believe that the undocumented must be deported, even if the children are here through no fault of their own
  • Due to past negative experiences, undocumented students may not trust you and may question your motivation


How can students and colleagues know that I am an UndocuAlly?

Faculty and staff who have completed the training will receive an UndocuAlly decal that they can display in their offices. Additionally, The USRC website will list your name under the “SJSU UndocuAlly Network” to signify that you have completed the UndocuAlly Training.