Catastrophic Leave Donations

Donation Guidelines

  • Employees may donate a maximum* of 40 hours total (depending on bargaining unit) of vacation or sick leave credits or a combination of both (see chart below).

* Maximum donation limits are per fiscal year (July 1- June 30)


Employee Category

Maximum Donation Hours 

(total sick and/or vacation)

Catastrophic Leave Maximum Donation Limits
  • Physicians (R01)
  • Academic Student Employees (R11 - TAs Only)
  • CSUEU (R02, R05, R07, R09)
  • Faculty (R03)
  • Academic Support (R04)
  • Skilled Crafts (R06)
  • Public Safety (R08)
  • CMA Operating Engineers (R10)
  • Confidential (C99)
  • Excluded (E99)
  • Management Personnel Plan (MPP) (M80)
  • Executives (M98)


Donate Online

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  • In the instance of Catastrophic Leave for employee illness/injury, sick and vacation credits may be donated.
  • In the instance of Catastrophic Leave for family care, only vacation credits may be donated.
  • Donations must be made in whole hour increments.
  • Donations are used in the order they are received.
  • For employees that are resigning or donating their overages in vacation hours before it is forfeited by January 1, these leave credit donations will take priority in the order of when donations are used. Please contact Leave Program Manager if this applies to your leave donation.
  • Catastophic Leave Donation Online Form