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December 2015

Buzz on the Street...

Favorite Holiday Traditions

"I love to participate in the Holiday Toy Drive with SJSU UPD. Since coming back to work at SJSU, I truly enjoy buying toys to donate. My younger siblings like to get involved and help to decide what toys to buy since I am not sure what younger kids like these days! This will be my fourth year volunteering on wrapping day!

I feel connected with the Holiday Toy Drive because when I was a young kid, my family received toys from this toy drive for a few years. During these years, I remember the excitement I felt on the day Sergeant Ramirez would stop by to deliver the toys dressed as Santa Claus.

Thank you UPD and all volunteers who make this tradition happen each year!"

"Our holiday tradition is the village I started when my daughter was a year old. Now the village has turned into a full blown city!! We each have our jobs...mine is the City Planner, my son is the Electrician and my mother is the daughter is the City Manager! It is a pain to put together but an amazing thing to enjoy during the season." --Julie Paisant, Human Resources

"Whenever our department would celebrate our holiday party, we would always have the White Elephant auction wherein people will bid for certain wrapped items (without knowing what they are) and the highest bidder gets the 'coveted' gift. It may not even be worth the bid but the money we raise altogether goes to a charity that everyone agreed to support for the year. That's my favorite tradition for the department I work for. :)" --Vicky Ocampo, Occupational Therapy

"My mom is from Spain and every year on Christmas morning my grandma would make her version of the Spanish churro called 'Bunuelos'. It's kind of like a mix between traditional churros and funnel cake, but it's served with homemade drinking chocolate. It is one of my absolute favorite moments of the holiday season because my family comes together and eats this delicious, carb loaded dessert breakfast! Since my grandma passed away in 2009, I have taken over making the bunuelos and it's so much fun! I can't imagine Christmas morning without them."
--Sabrina Porter-Parees, CASA Dean's Office

"My favorite holiday tradition is waking up really early with my sisters on Christmas morning and opening our stockings. My mom always gives us cheesy holiday socks, and I always put them on first thing. Even now as an adult I get pairs of socks saying 'Santa Claws' with pictures of cats on them. Each year the socks just get sillier, and I'm always so excited to receive my new pair!" --Melissa Wright, Human Resources

"My friends and I get together for an urban hike in San Francisco. We wander to Macy's to look at the Christmas ornaments, then we walk through Chinatown to Pier 39 for some clam chowder. Our final destination is Ghirardelli to get some sipping chocolate. It's a delightful winter adventure." --Janet Sundrud, Academic Planning and Budgets

"As far back as I can remember, the women in my family have gotten together during the holidays to make tamales. This family tradition included my mother who usually organized the gathering, as well as my older sisters, my cousins, and many of my tias (aunts). I can remember watching from the side listening to their stories and hearing their laughter; always in awe of their hard work. I was around 6 years old when my mom finally allowed me to join the fun. I could barely reach the table so she would prop me up on a step stool. I am proud to say that I have carried on the tradition by becoming the organizer of our annual tamale making event. Around the second week in December, my sisters, our daughters, and now our granddaughters all get together to make various kinds of tamales. This is my favorite holiday tradition because we get to make delicious tamales using a recipe that has been in my family for generations. Also, because we get to share stories, laugh together and most importantly, because we simply get to bond together." --Aggie Anaya, Human Resources

"My favorite holiday tradition is making a '3 day pie' for Thanksgiving with my son. We started this tradition when he was about 4 or 5 (when making a pumpkin pie from scratch was too big of a project for one day.) We split this involved, but fun, project into 3 manageable days: one day to make the pie dough, one day to roast the pumpkin and puree it, and one day to assemble and bake the pie. My son is 16 now and can make a pie from scratch on his own, but he still enjoys making the '3 day pie' with his mom. Don't tell him I told you! :-)" --Deborah Weber, TV, Radio, Film and Theatre

December 31 Paycheck Distribution and December Absences

HR will be open from 9:00 am - 11:00 am on Thursday, December 31 for employees who wish to pick up their December paycheck. Employees must bring a photo ID and may only pick up their own check. Department contacts can pick up paychecks when the campus reopens on January 4 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.

As a reminder, all absences for the December pay period (December 2 - December 31), for both salaried and hourly employees, must be entered and approved no later than 12:00 pm Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ergonomic Stretch Break

As part of the campus ergonomics program, Stretch Break is now available for SJSU employees.

We all know we're not supposed to remain seated for hours on end and that we can get more done by taking frequent short breaks to keep our bodies fresh and our minds alert. Stretch Break reminds computer users to stand up, walk a bit, or stretch at regular intervals.

Stretch Break's interface is intuitive, and users should have no trouble configuring the program to their liking, but a built-in Help file includes plenty of information about the program's functions. The Options menu contains everything within a single screen, making it easy to navigate. When the program is active, an animated figure demonstrates each stretch, moving automatically to the next one. The program contains 36 different stretching exercises, and users can set the number of stretches per break and select which exercises they want to use. Music can be played during or between stretches or turned off completely. A variety of schedules and alerts are available, so users can customize their stretching routine. Optional ergonomic tips can be shown after each stretch break to help users work more comfortably and safely.

Stretch Break is compatible with Windows operating systems only. This is an optional program that University employees may consider installing on their work and/or home computer.

Please visit the Ergonomics webpage and click the Stretch Break Software button to start the installation process. You will be prompted to create an IT help desk ticket using your SJSU email address and password. Within 48 hours of completing the IT help desk ticket, your local IT rep will contact you for installation assistance. If you wish to download the software on your home computer, you can use the link provided via email.

Please contact Michaux Burchard with any questions about Stretch Break or the Ergonomic program. We would love to get your feedback on the process of software installation as well as the software itself.

Enjoy your stretches!

San Jose Barracuda SJSU Employee Day

The San Jose Barracuda, the Shark’s minor league hockey team, is having an SJSU Employee Day for their game on Saturday, December 12 at 1:15 pm in the SAP Center! Enjoy special group pricing of $17 for lower bowl tickets. The first 4,000 fans will receive a Barracuda scarf! See the San Jose Barracuda flyer for more information.

ScholarShare 529 Holiday Matching

ScholarShare wants to help you make the holidays twice as bright. Open a ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan account with $50 on December 11 (and sign up for ongoing automatic contributions of $25 or more per month), and they'll match your $50. There will be a ScholarShare information session from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on December 11 in Clark 547. Register in PeopleSoft using course code TRFE36. The representative will be available until 4:00 pm on December 11 to help open your account.

529 College Savings Plans offer an easy and tax-advantage way to save for post-secondary education. Your funds can be used for higher education at colleges and schools across the country and many around the world. Flexibility is built in! Anyone can open an account or gift one. ScholarShare provides an easy way to save through direct-deposit via your paycheck.

See the Scholar Share Double the Joy flyer for more information.

Buzz on...Michele Delfino

Michele Delfino has been with San José State University for 26 years. She has held numerous roles in the Human Resources department where she is currently an Analyst in the Employee Services unit. Michele is well known on campus and respected as a subject matter expert. Keep reading to learn some things you may not have known about her. 

Q: Where did Michele grow up?

A: Michele is a Bay Area native; she was born in San Francisco, but lived in Daly City until she was 10. When her father received a job offer at Macy’s, her family relocated to San Jose. Her father was one of the very first employees at Macy’s - Eastridge. Since then, Michele has stayed in San Jose due to the sunshine and warm weather and being able to partake in outdoor activities like swimming and going to the ocean. 

Q: What does Michele like to eat?

A: Michele LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Mexican food. Michele’s favorite Mexican restaurant is Casa Lupe. 

Q: What is Michele’s favorite spot on campus?

A: Michele does not have a favorite spot on campus, but she enjoys taking her morning stroll through the campus. She especially enjoys walking past Tower Hall during the Springtime when the roses are in full bloom.

Q: What is the most satisfying part of Michele’s job?

A: Michele enjoys the human interactions of her job, especially when people come to ask questions. Michele believes in the philosophy of sharing. When you ask Michele a question, she will be sure to give you an answer but also provide you some historical perspective. Michele is proud to be a wealth of knowledge, both technically and historically.

Q: How does Michele spend her time outside of work?

A: Michele absolutely adores her grandson and spends her off time with him. Also, she loves going on vacations with her family and friends. Her most memorable vacation was for one of her birthdays -- she was at the top of the Eiffel Tower at 10pm, drinking champagne and celebrating with the lights. Some other places she enjoyed include Italy, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, England, Amsterdam and too many US cities to mention. Need a tour guide? You know who to call! 

Q: Who is someone that inspires Michele?

A: Pearl Howell, Michele’s first manager at San José State University, came to mind when this question was asked. Michele described Pearl as someone she would love to emulate. “Pearl is a genuine human being. She worked hard, and I saw that and it made me want to work hard as well.”

2016 Paydays and Holidays

The 2016 payroll and holiday calendars are now posted on the Human Resources website. As a reminder, the CSU Master Payday does not always fall on the first of the month, nor does every pay period include all days in a month. We encourage you to review these calendars and plan accordingly.

2016 Master Payroll Calendar

2016 Master Payroll Cutoff Dates

2016 Direct Deposit Calendar

2016 Holiday Calendar

Position Management Training in January

Last month we announced our new Position Management training course, designed to help you more effectively manage your positions and foster better understanding of the overall process. We will review the general principles of position management for staff and faculty, along with the processes for creating new positions and updating existing ones. Sessions will be held January 5, January 7, and January 15 and are filling up quickly. Enroll today via MySJSU using Course Code TRSD42.

Work Lead Training

Work Leads play a vital role in the effective operation of a department, but there continues to be confusion about exactly what this role should look like. Human Resources has developed a training session for our Work Leads to provide guidance on what this role means and how to use it more effectively. We are excited to begin offering this training in the first quarter of 2016. This training is for Work Leads throughout the campus community, including Department Chairs, and helps address the delineation of the role when compared to an Appropriate Administrator (MPP). We will provide historical information on the Work Lead role, address potential real-life scenarios that Work Leads encounter and offer tools on how to be an effective Work Lead. The tentative plan is to facilitate this training once a month in the first quarter of 2016. Communication will be sent out once the dates have been determined.

Upcoming HR Training & Events 

Dec 9, Wed TRCR58   Spartan 101
Dec 11, Fri
ScholarShare Holiday Matching Day
Dec 12, Sat
San Jose Barracuda SJSU Employee Day
Dec 15, Tues BIT001 See Something, Say Something, Do Something

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