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February 2020 Edition


Volume 3 Issue 1

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From the desk of Joanne Wright,
Senior Associate Vice President, University Personnel

Welcome back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Winter Break and had a chance to visit with friends and family before returning to campus last month.

University Personnel has numerous projects and initiatives in full swing. Further in the newsletter you’ll learn more about our new website design as well as the CHRS Recruiting project, which will provide more streamlined recruiting functions for faculty and staff recruitments. I’m excited about this project and look forward to telling you more in the near future. We recently rolled out SkillSurvey, an online reference checking tool, for staff and management recruitments. We will be making it available for faculty recruitments later this spring. Stay tuned for more information. We are also preparing the new eFaculty review module for probationary faculty periodic reviews (aka “mini-reviews”) this spring. When fully implemented, this module promises to make RTP and lecturer evaluation processes more user-friendly. We look forward to launching it.

UP Organizational Changes

There have been some significant organizational changes for UP. Effective January 31, the operational units of Classification/Compensation and Staff Recruitment, previously reporting to Carrie Medders, moved under the purview of Julie Paisant.

Carrie will oversee Technology, Learning and Development, and Compliance as Senior Director, Technology and Training. Julie will oversee Employee Relations and Equal Opportunity, Classification/Compensation, and Staff Recruitment as Senior Director, Employee Relations, Retention and Equal Opportunity. In addition, Tony Garcia has assumed an interim role as Manager, Recruitment and Retention.

Tony, along with the staff recruiters, have moved to the Administration Building (UP-North) and will continue to provide you with excellent support for your recruitment and class/comp needs. In the interim, Sandy Thang will assume responsibility for Position Management, but the Volunteer process will, at least for now, remain with Maggie Carrera.

In addition to this reorganization, we have had a change in the Manager of Employee and Labor Relations. Carwin Liang has left the university and Stacey Elsibai has accepted the promotion into this position. For the last year she has been serving in an interim capacity with a focus on Academic Employee Relations but has been with the team for a little more than five years.

Please take a look at our Organizational Chart to view the changes more clearly.

I look forward to a great semester working with many of you. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

Form W-2 Frequently Asked Questions

When was my Form W-2 mailed?
Forms were mailed by the State Controller's Office and should have arrived by January 31, 2020.

I didn't receive my Form W-2, what should I do?
If you have not yet received your Form W-2, please contact your Payroll Representative. Form W-2s that are undeliverable by the post office will be returned to University Personnel.

Who should I contact if my Form W-2 was damaged or not sealed?
Contact your Payroll Representative who will work with you to obtain a Duplicate Form W-2. Generally there is a fee of $8.50 charged by the State Controller’s Office. However, If your address was correct in the system a waiver of the processing fee may be applied. The final date for Payroll to request a fee waiver for un-received Form W-2s is March 1, 2020 so please contact them as soon as possible.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about my Form W-2?
Please contact your Payroll Representative.
Minimum Wage Increase

The City of San Jose's hourly minimum wage grew to $15.25 on January 1, 2020. San José State followed suit and moved all employees making less than $15.25 per hour to the new minimum. This primarily impacted our student employees.

Designated individuals in each department can review salaries by running employee profiles or the HR_STAFF_REPORT_BY_DIVISION query. Questions about running or obtaining access to these process should be directed to

Employees can see their own rate of pay by viewing Job and Compensation History in SJSU @ Work.

If a department wishes to further increase the hourly rate for student employees, submit an Employee Profile or Student Assistant Appointment Form to their Employee Support Services Representative indicating the new amount.
Faculty Paychecks
The State Controller's Office payment schedule for faculty paychecks can be confusing. The Spring Semester started on January 21 and the nine (9) days worked in the month of January are part of the February pay period. Academic year (AY) faculty do not receive a separate payment for this period. The paycheck received at the beginning of February is actually part of Fall Semester pay. AY Faculty receive six (6) equal payments each semester. The Spring Semester’s first payment will be issued on March 2, 2020 for the February pay period. The final payment issued for the Spring Semester will be July 31, 2020. The final payment for the Fall Semester will be September 1, 2020!

See the Academic Payroll Calendar for detailed information.
Spartan Service Celebration

The 52nd Annual Spartan Service Celebration, honoring staff for their campus service, will be held Thursday, March 5 from 3:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. All employees are invited to attend the recognition program followed by a celebratory reception.

We are recognizing over 100 employees for 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service as well as our inaugural staff award winners during the event. View the list of honorees, as well as the list of award winners, on the University Personnel website and join us to celebrate your colleagues.

This event is wheelchair accessible. Individuals needing accommodations should contact (408) 924-2250 as early as possible. If you have any additional questions about the event please contact Tamela Sullivan:

NEW! Critical Illness and Accident Insurance
Special Open Enrollment Period: 2/1/2020 - 2/29/2020
The Standard is holding a special Open Enrollment period for two new plans: Critical Illness Insurance and Accident Insurance. The Open Enrollment period is 2/1/2020-2/29/2020. The effective date for both plans will be 4/1/2020.

Critical Illness Plan
  • Helps an employee manage expenses during a serious illness such as heart attack, stroke or invasive cancer
Accident Insurance Plan
  • Pays a lump sum directly to the employee to help cover out-of-pocket expenses as you or a family member recuperates after an accident
  • Helps protect your bank account from the out of pocket expenses that come with an injury – whether you're coping with a broken arm or recovering from a serious car accident
Voluntary Life Insurance
  • The Standard is also offering a one-time opportunity to purchase Voluntary Life Insurance up to $100,000 with Guaranteed Issue (no medical question required) during this Special Open Enrollment period
Questions? Contact the Benefits Office at or 408-924-2250.
Benefits and Employee Services Fair

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Student Union Ballroom
Welcome New Staff!

Shilo Banderas - University Personnel
Lori Callo - School of Social Work
Aaron Cantrell - MLK Library Security
Jennifer Cortez - Student Health Center
Michael Diaz - Professional Education
Sarah Greer - College of Engineering
Rena Hamilton - Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management
Annie Huang - Student Health Center
Holly Hunt - Public Health & Recreation
Elaine Le - Holland Student Success Center
Barbara Liberty - University Police Department
Jose Ramos Lizaola - Housing Building Maintenance
Cristina Marsh - Nursing
Kenneth Mashinchi - Strategic Communications & Marketing
Mylynne Milanes - Office of the Registrar
Jennifer Malutta - Organizational Development
Michele Musson - Engineering Student Success Center
Huong Nguyen - Holland Student Success Center
Padma Nukala - Accounts Payable
Suzanne Pendergrass - International Student & Scholar Services
Jesus Santos - Engineering Student Success Center
Alena Sauzade - Art & Art History
Daniel Steyer - Applied Data Sciencxe
Shu-Hwa Sara Tien - Student Health Center
Elisa Torres-Fernandez - Student Health Center
Dung Vo - MLK Library Security
Lori Vonderach - College of Professional & Global Education
Regina Wong-Valle - College of Professional & Global Education
Barbara Ybarra - Development University Advancement
Huiqing Zhang - Student Health Center
Xiaohui Zheng - Institutional Research
Daniela Zopiyatle Osorio - Instructional & Meeting Spaces
ssb header 2.png
Has one of your co-workers helped you out with a big project? Did you see a colleague go above and beyond? Has a student done something extraordinary? Take a moment to recognize them!

Spartans Stepping Beyond, the University's online recognition program, is a great way to recognize a member of the Spartan community. All recognitions are posted on the University Personnel website. Everyone who submits a recognition, as well as those who are recognized, are entered into a quarterly drawing for Gold Point cards that can be used for campus dining or in the bookstore.

This program is open to faculty, staff, and students.

Recognize a fellow Spartan today!

Please note, you must be logged into your campus email to submit a recognition.
Photo by Alfredo Coria

Erlinda Yanez is Stepping Beyond...

Erlinda is always offering support to students and staff well beyond her job duties. She makes sure everyone who comes through her door feels seen, heard, and welcome. [She] focuses on meeting their needs above all else. ~ Marcos Pizzaro
ess & immigration.jpg
Photo by: Carrie Medders
Pictured Back L to R: Crystal Mercado, Oćean Brouard, Michele Delfino, Sharon Austin, Stacy Perez, Christie Martinez, Patricia Rodriguez, Mi Duong; Front L to R: Aggie Anaya, Tracy Vuong, Connie Wong, Shilo Bandera, Lien Nguyen, Maria Rocha

Spotlight on…
Employee Support Services & Immigration

The Immigration Specialist works closely with Faculty Affairs, Employee Support Services, International Student and Scholar Services, and colleges to assist international faculty with visa and permanent residency paperwork. She also reviews and monitors work authorization paperwork for employees with visas, and provides guidance to managers and employees throughout these processes.

Employee Support Services provides many services to the campus. The Administrative Services team is the first to greet you when you step off the elevator in UP-South (UPD 3rd Floor) and they ensure all new hire paperwork is complete. The ESS Representatives work closely with department admins across campus to ensure the timely processing of paperwork and also participate in New Employee Orientation activities. Members of the team also oversee the OnBase processes related to the personnel and personnel action files for faculty and staff as well as the fee waiver process for faculty, staff and teaching associates. This team is dedicated to providing excellent service to the campus community.

Get to know the team!

Christie Martinez - Immigration Specialist
Christie started her SJSU career as a student employee and was hired into a temporary position in Faculty Affairs in 2014. It wasn't too long before she was hired into a regular staff position in the department and she's been here ever since! Did you know? Christie is very adventurous, "just not with food." As far as a favorite food? Christie says, "I love trying and making all different types of salads, but my favorite type of food would be anything Italian." 

Patricia Rodriguez - Senior Manager, Employee Support Services
Patricia earned two degrees at SJSU and began her career in 2001 as an Admin Support Coordinator in the College of Science. She moved from there to University Police, where her focus was budget and personnel, then moved to the College of Engineering as their Financial Resource Analyst. She joined the UP team in 2017 and "it has been my most challenging and rewarding professional experience so far." Did you know? Patricia's native language is French and the first foreign language she learned was English. "I love foreign languages in general and have studied a few over the years." When asked about her favorite food Patricia replied, "Is chocolate a food?"

Stacy Perez - Workflow and Data Analyst Lead
Stacy joined the HR team in 2000 and has spent the majority of her career in Employee Support Services. "When I started working at SJSU, it was only supposed to be a temporary position for two weeks because I was covering for someone on vacation. Who knew 20 years later, I would still be here." Did you know? Stacy loves live musical theater. She's seen too many shows to count over the years, "but my absolute favorite to date is Hamilton." Stacy also loves Mexican food.

Tracy Vuong - Fee Waiver & Finance Coordinator
Tracy worked in Faculty Affairs as a student assistant then graduated and worked in retail and technical recruiting prior to coming back to SJSU in 2014. "I enjoy working in higher education and helping others. I enjoy the dynamic environment at University Personnel. We are always moving and creating efficient procedures." Did you know? Tracy loves to collect Hello Kitty accessories and loves all kinds of foods but she is obsessed with boba (milk teas).

Michele Delfino - Employee Support Services Lead
Michele came to SJSU in 1989 and has been here ever since. That's a little over 30 years!! She's held numerous positions in HR (and now UP) and never fails to provide the history on why we did something. Did you know? Michele loves all music from, as she puts it, "the best decade of all time, The 70s." Her all-time favorite band is the Bee Gees and she loves getting Mexican food at Casa Lupe.

Crystal Mercado - Senior ESS Representative
Crystal has been with UP since 2015 and was recently promoted to Senior ESS Representative. She started her career in higher education in Southern California and continued her journey when she joined the Administrative Services team. "In my current role as [the Senior] ESS Rep, I love figuring out the best way to process in the most efficient time." Did you know? Crystal can play the violin and she loves a good steak.

Sharon Austin - ESS Representative
Sharon was seeking permanent employment when she began her SJSU career in 2011. She started at the front desk in HR and moved into Personnel Services (now Employee Support Services) two years later. "I enjoy working with departments across campus, speaking with students, staff, and faculty, in addition to processing transactions from an employee’s first day on campus all the way to terminations and everything in the middle." Did you know? "Few people know that I was a secret agent for the KGB in Russia! Not! Truthfully, I love plants & greenery, walking & hiking, reading, comedy, psychological thrillers, Italy, and I adore my one and only daughter." Sharon's favorite food is Italian. "Ain’t nuttin betta than pasta! Buon’ appetito!"

Lien Nguyen - ESS Representative
Lien began her career as a student assistant in Faculty Affairs before getting hired as an ESS Rep. University Personnel was always a place she wanted to be. "Luckily the position was opened...I am happy to be part of ESS team." Did you know? Lien helped her dog deliver her babies. "This was a great experience in my life." She loves fruit and watermelon is her favorite.

Maria Rocha - ESS Representative
Maria began her SJSU career in 2016 as a Payroll Representative and recently moved to Employee Support Services. "In this new position I explore all the processes that each position goes through to be in the University system...For me, it is really amazing to be able to connect all the dots." Did you know? Marie could spend hours watching good documentaries and crime shows. As far as a favorite food? Maria says, "Anything but peanut butter."

Mi Duong - ESS Representative
Mi graduated from SJSU in 2017. She loved the culture and diversity of the campus community. "There was a strong emphasis on its students and the community and I really admired that." She began her employment on campus with School of Social Work and found that she enjoyed doing a lot of the HR related functions which led her to apply for the position in Employee Support Services. Did you know? Mi loves reading random trivia facts and her favorite food is pizza.

Oćeane Brouard - Temporary ESS Representative
After completing her BBA in Human Resource Management at SJSU, Oćeane worked with the director of the Institute for People and Performance and helped coordinate the SHRM Certification preparatory courses. "This is where I met my current manager...was introduced to the University Personnel department and got the amazing opportunity to work with the Employee Support Services team." Did you know? Oćeane is originally from France and has visited 10 countries so far. "Throughout my travels I have enjoyed discovering new cultures and foods from the locals. I use my passion for baking to try and recreate some dishes at least once every month." French and Italian cuisines are her favorites.

Aggie Anaya - Administrative Services Lead
Aggie moved back to the Bay Area about seven years ago and worked for the County of Santa Clara before joining the HR staff. "I was familiar with the benefits CalPERS offers...and was also determined to retire under CalPERS." Aggie recently became the Administrative Services Lead which has given her more opportunity in the department. Did you know? "I enjoy dancing even though my rhythm is a bit off." Aggie's favorite food is enchiladas.

Connie Wong - Administrative Services Representative
Connie worked as a student assistant when she attended SJSU and enjoyed the environment. "When I heard that there was an opening for University Personnel, I was excited to apply." Connie's been with UP since July of 2018. Did you know? Connie is a beekeeper! "My uncle and I found bees living in an underground electrical box and he wanted to know how to catch them. He built a bee box and trapped the bees and it all started from there." She loves sushi and Italian food.

Shilo Banderas - Administrative Services Representative
Shilo graduated from SFSU with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and began working as the receptionist at a medical office. She saw the position open at SJSU and decided to apply since she had recent customer service experience. "I was lucky enough to become a part of the Spartan team...[and] look forward to working in University Personnel helping others every day...I am grateful to have such an opportunity." Did you know? Shilo is a vegan and loves pasta.

chrs recruiting.jpg
CHRS Recruiting Coming Soon

As announced late last year, SJSU is in the process of implementing a new system for faculty and staff recruiting. CHRS Recruiting, built in PageUp, is a CSU systemwide initiative to move all campuses to a single recruiting system. Three campuses are up and running in the new system, with two more planning to go live this spring. SJSU is planning a summer 2020 go-live for faculty (tenured/tenure-track and lecturers) and staff recruiting. More details about functionality and training will be communicated as we finalize the system configuration. We will be reaching out to various groups on campus to discuss the project and plan to roll out training in May and June. You will soon see regular communication from our sponsor, Joanne Wright, Senior AVP for University Personnel.

Impacted employees:

  • Employees who initiate recruitments for faculty or staff
  • Hiring managers
  • Search committee members
  • Recruiters
  • Current employees who apply for jobs

A few of the changes and improvements you can expect:

  • Changes:
    • Request to Recruits now done in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR) will be done in the new system
    • Applicants for tenured/tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and staff will apply through the new system
    • All CSU campuses will be in the same system
    • Terminology for various items will be different: Departments are called Teams; Request to Recruit is a Job Card; Time Base is Time Basis
  • Improvements:
    • Applicants can apply easily via a mobile device
    • Screening can be done in the system
    • Interviews can be scheduled in the system and made visible to the candidate; the appointment can be exported/imported to Google calendar
    • Job offers can be accepted online
    • More transparency for applicants through the applicant portal
    • Attached resumes and CVs will be scanned to populate portions of the online application
    • Job Templates will be created for commonly recruited positions; this will reduce the keying when starting the process
    • Onboarding portal for all onboarding tasks; available once candidate accepts their offer

Things that won't change:

  • RTP submission and evaluation will still be handled in Interfolio (eFaculty)
  • The Provost's process to request/approve the addition of new Tenured/Tenure-Track faculty positions will not change; it will still be handled outside of the system
  • Position Management will still be handled in SJSU @ Work (PeopleSoft HR)
The following employees recently joined the UP team or changed roles:
  • Shilo Banderas joined the Employee Support Services team as an Administrative Services Representative
  • Crystal Mercado was promoted to Senior Employee Support Services Representative
  • Michael Pyrch was promoted to Web and Documentation Analyst
  • Stacey Elsibai was promoted to Manager for Employee and Labor Relations
  • Tony Garcia accepted an interim role as Manager for Recruitment and Retention
A number of employees have new titles based on the reorganization mentioned in Joanne's article:
  • Julie Paisant: Senior Director, Employee Relations, Retention, and Equal Opportunity
  • Carrie Medders: Senior Director, Technology and Training
  • Maggie Carrera: Coordinator, Online Training & Compliance
The California State University 2020 All-Star Awards
Human Resources and Faculty Affairs/Academic Personnel
The California State University (CSU) has opened nominations for the 2020 Human Resources and Faculty Affairs/Academic Personnel All-Star Awards. These awards recognize outstanding individuals and teams in Human Resources and Faculty Affairs/Academic Personnel offices throughout the system.

Nominations must be submitted to Joanne Wright via email at no later than March 13, 2020. Nominations will then be forwarded to the Chancellor's Office.

Eligibility and criteria information is listed on the form. If you have any questions, please contact

The following jobs were recently opened for recruitment:

Associate Director
Counseling and Psychological Services

International/Non-Resident Admissions Counselor and Recruiter
Student Outreach & Recruitment

Assistant Athletic Director for Student-Athlete Wellness
Student-Athlete Academic Services

Assistant Director for Academic Initiatives and Living Learning Communities
Housing Coordination

Environmental Health & Safety

The following jobs are currently open to SJSU employees only:

Police Dispatcher (2 positions)
University Police Department

Director of Operations and Administrative Services
University Library

Financial Aid Services Representative
Financial Aid & Scholarships

IT Program Manager
IT Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management

Associate Dean for Inclusive Student Success
College of Graduate Studies

Associate Dean of Graduate Programs
College of Graduate Studies

Custodian (Swing Shift)
Facilities Development & Operations
sorry-we-re-closed-signage 2.jpg
As you may be aware, University Personnel's Clark 547 Training Room has been closed due to construction on the 5th floor of Clark Hall. This has led to our training staff working with many of you across campus to utilize other space for our trainings and Spartan 101. Thank you to everyone who has opened their doors to us.

What does this mean to you?
  • Setting up training classes now takes more time and locations will vary; make sure you note the location when you enroll in a class
  • We aren't able to build our training schedule out as far as we have in the past
We appreciate your patience as we work on finding a more permanent solution for our training needs.
Upcoming Training and Events

Date Day Time Course Name Course Number
2/18/2020 Tuesday 10:30-12:00 See Something, Say Something, Do Something
2/25/2020 Tuesday 9:00-4:00
Academic HR Processing for PeopleSoft

3/5/2020 Thursday 3:00-5:00 Spartan Service Celebration
Student Union Ballroom
3/24/2020 Tuesday 9:00-4:00 Academic HR Processing for PeopleSoft HR9002
4/9/2020 Thursday 11:45-1:30 Faculty Service Recognition & Awards Luncheon
4/21/2020 Tuesday 9:00-4:00 Academic HR Processing for PeopleSoft
9/30/2020 Wednesday 10:00-2:00 Benefits and Employee Services Fair
Student Union Ballroom

Email for information on other training courses or help enrolling.

Contact University Personnel via Phone or Email

408.924.2250 or

Join/View the Google Group - Subscribe to the Blog - Visit the Website

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