San Jose State University
Office of the President
Dear Managers,

Since my arrival at SJSU, I have been inspired by the talent and commitment of our campus community, and I’ve met many new faculty, staff, and administrators who have joined our university in the last year. Our talented employees are the heartbeat of our university doing everything from operating our facilities, teaching and advising students, offering co-curricular learning opportunities, and providing other services to both students and employees. We articulate our dedication to our staff, faculty, and administrators in Goal 3 of our strategic plan through our commitments to a safe and healthy university community, to providing education and training opportunities that help us create a more equitable and inclusive environment, and to offering professional development opportunities that allow career growth. From the many meetings I have had with small and large groups, I know that our faculty and staff share this commitment in service of providing the highest quality educational experience for our students and aspiring to professional excellence.

San Jose State University is at the epicenter of the future, in a complex and fast-changing world. To keep pace, we must continually invest in our employees to ensure they have the tools and expertise to do their best work. Together, we value a safe, healthy and ethical campus environment, where we all understand and uphold the responsibilities expected of us as faculty, staff, and administrators. We learn and maintain our knowledge base, in part, through compliance trainings required of all new employees and, depending on one’s role, additional trainings that must be completed at regular intervals.

To elevate our commitment to our employees, in the coming months, University Personnel will incorporate required training into new employee onboarding programs. The intent is to provide sufficient time, within the first few weeks of employment, to learn about expectations and responsibilities in such areas as Gender Equity and Title IX. Additionally, there will be more support and a lab space during the onboarding process dedicated to employee engagement.

I recognize the need for continual efforts to support professional pathways and career growth in technical areas and leadership development. University Personnel (UP) will coordinate and integrate employee development programs that support the needs of our workforce. Please watch for more information from the department.

UP will implement and monitor the CSU systemwide requirements and all legally mandated training. I ask for your assistance in setting and managing expectations about the importance of professional development and ensuring that your employees have the necessary support to complete required training during work hours. You can review the assigned learning activities of your direct reports at CSU Learn.

Supporting a culture of care for our workforce is critical. I ask for your continued support as we launch new programs and ask for your commitment to maintain currency in mandatory training. I thank you for joining me in promoting professional excellence!


Cynthia Teniente-Matson

San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA 95192
Last Updated Nov 6, 2023