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Earth Day, founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, one of SJSU's most esteemed alumni, is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd.

To honor his memory as one of the founders of the modern environmental movement, we devote Earth Day to bring education and awareness to local and global sustainability issues affecting the campus community.

SJSU's Sustainability Department will provide virtual panel discussions, short videos, podcasts, presentations and demonstrations on the following topics:
  • Climate change
  • Environmental justice
  • Food and clothing waste
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • And more
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Spartan Spring Challenge

It's getting warmer outside, which means it's the perfect time to be active and join in the challenge from Monday, April 5 to Friday, April 30!

The goal for this challenge is to spring into a new activity that you haven’t tried before; one that keeps you moving for 100 minutes! 

Record your minutes on the spreadsheet using the following guidance:
  • Check the boxes for each 10-minute increment of movement per day.
  • Record extra minutes you’ve completed in the space provided.
  • Record if you have completed the weekly "Spring Challenges".
Have Instagram? Follow @sjsu_fitness for mini/bonus challenges throughout April for possible giveaways.

If you would like to participate in fitness classes as part of your activity, the SRAC is offering free virtual fitness classes through the Spartan Recreation MindBody application. 

Once registered, check your email for weekly updates about this challenge.

Questions? Contact Kelsey Snook at
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We want to hear your good news!

University Personnel would like to highlight employee good news in our Well-being Wednesday newsletters. Please share your stories with us, send us photos of an activity you participated in, share "words of wisdom" from your kids, tell us what's been helping you cope through the shelter-in-place. During these trying times, it's important to find the good in things. Your stories can help us all do that.

Not sure what to share? Here are a few ideas to get you started: How are you balancing your time between work and home life?
  • How have you been staying active?
  • A big project that you procrastinated doing for months & finally finished.
  • Something your kids have been involved in.
  • A new volunteer opportunity; a new hobby.
  • You welcomed a new baby, got engaged, got married, or other life events.
  • An act of kindness that someone did for you or you did for someone else
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I published a fictional memoir, "The Orange Bush That Blossoms, A Journey Through Cancer and Caregiving."

It's a snapshot from the time when I was diagnosed and treated to recovery. Reflecting and going through the multiple steps from my head to print was extremely therapeutic.

The process gave me many moments to appreciate and embrace my health and well being, pushing me in difficult times to daily prioritize my exercise and stretching routines, do breath work, and practice prayer and meditation.

My hope is that it both empowers and encourages others to watch for miracles, and choose to live victorious.

Lynda K. Haliburton
Communicative Disorders and Sciences 

Article and photo by: National Day Calendar

Have you ever been in a situation that was overwhelming? One where you had deadlines approaching and a mile-long to do list? One where you were in way over your head? Well, you’re not alone. Everyone feels stressed from time to time. The thing about stress is, a little bit of it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too much of it can be detrimental to our emotional and physical health. Learning to find that healthy balance is the best way to live a productive, happy life.

A small amount of stress once in a while is a good thing, because it means you’re working hard and you care about what you’re doing. If you were never stressed, that would probably mean you’re living a lethargic lifestyle without a lot of work involved. However, too much stress doesn’t allow us to think straight, and is overbearing and counterproductive. Prolonged stress even leads to real physical problems and can cause strokes, IBS, ulcers, diabetes, muscle and joint pain, miscarriages, and more.

Here are some great ways to keep your mind clear and de-stress if you find yourself getting too overwhelmed.
  • Exercise: Exercise will get your endorphins pumping through your brain, which triggers a happy feeling, lowers your body’s stress hormones like cortisol, and releases chemicals that make you feel more at peace.
  • Light a candle or turn on the diffusers: Put on some soft, soothing music and dim the lights. Take a deep breath and count your blessings.
  • Spend time laughing with friends and family: Have a good time and get your mind off the busyness of the real world.

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Soothing Stress
Image and podcast by: United HealthCare 

This Podcast is designed to help identify personal sources of stress and how to manage or reduce everyday stress in your life. 
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Essential Workers and Stress
Image and podcast by: United HealthCare 

This Podcast is to increase your knowledge and awareness of everyday stress and its impact on essential workers.

You’ll be able to examine your personal and workplace sources of stress, develop strategies to help you cope and manage stress in your life. 
LifeMatters by
Empathia Services

Feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Worried this pandemic may never end?

Contact Empathia at 1-800-367-7474
Rebecca Ochoa
Counselor for Faculty and Staff

Contact Rebecca Ochoa, SJSU's dedicated counselor for faculty and staff.

Rebecca comes to us from Empathia, our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) provider.
What is the best environment for sleep?
Article and photo by: Calm  

Apart from being safe, the best environment for sleep is somewhere that’s comfortable and relaxing. Use your senses to guide you. There’s no question that our sleep environment affects our sleep, so it’s important to understand the conditions that are ideal for sleep.

Assess your own sleep space by using these senses:
  • Sight: Be in a dark room without lights from electronics or a window.
  • Touch: Ensure the surface you sleep on supports you. 
  • Smell: Aromatherapy makes a pleasant, relaxing sleep environment.
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Informational Sessions

Upcoming Webinars
  • Patelco Credit Union: Estate Planning and Living Trust, Wednesday, April 14, 2021 12:00 - 1:30pm Register now

  • Kaiser Permanente: An Overview of the Various Vaccinations and their Benefits webinar recording from Dr. Rott. The webinar recording is good through Thursday, April 15, 2021

Online Training Opportunities
Additional Resources 
  • Check SJSU Health Advisories for the latest COVID-19 and SJSU Adapt information

  • Find more health and well-being resources in MyWell-being on the UP website

  • SJSU Staff Council encourages staff campus engagement, promotes a positive staff culture and actively participates in University affairs.

  • Check Empathia for your counseling and conveyance services needs
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