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Cataract Awareness
Article and photo by: Advanced Eye Clinic 

According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 30 million Americans have cataracts making it one of the leading causes of blindness. With the increasing number of cataract patients, it's important you are aware about this disease and how to fight it.

What Exactly Are Cataracts?
Cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens causing blurry vision making it difficult to see. Usually, our lenses are transparent and give us a clear vision. But with cataracts, as lenses become cloudy, the cloud blocks the passage of light into the eye which makes it hard to see stuff clearly.

  • What causes cataracts?
  • How cataracts affect your vision
  • Cataracts treatment
  • Etc. 
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COVID-19 vaccinations are now available to everyone age 12 and older.

We encourage all employees and campus community members to get the COVID-19 vaccine to protect themselves and their loved ones, as well as the campus and greater community as a whole. As announced by President Papazian on July 27, students, faculty and staff must be vaccinated by September 30 against COVID-19 if they are accessing campus facilities at any university location across the 23 campuses, regardless of FDA approval of the available vaccines approved for emergency use.

Contact your healthcare provider or visit the California Department of Health’s My Turn website to register for your vaccine appointment.  Looking for more information about the vaccine?
COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics on Campus

SJSU has partnered with Santa Clara County to host pop-up vaccination clinics on campus August 4 and August 25, 2021. The clinics will be located in the Student Health Center and are open to all faculty, staff and students from 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. The Pfizer-BioNTech (2-dose) and Johnson & Johnson (1-dose) vaccines will be available at these clinics.

Registration is encouraged and currently available for August 4. Walk-ins are welcome. 

To safeguard the health and safety of all, SJSU is implementing mandatory testing for SJSU employees, auxiliary employees, volunteers and other unpaid appointments who access campus and other university facilities.

Testing will begin the week of August 23 and will occur on campus--or at off-campus worksites, if applicable--at no cost on a weekly basis. Individuals who provide proof that they are fully vaccinated will not be required to undergo testing.

The process to input your vaccination information, including uploading your vaccination documentation, is available at SJSU @ Work.

Notification for how to schedule testing will be sent to those individuals who have not opted out.
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LifeMatters by
Empathia Services

Are you experiencing anxiety with everything that's happening across the country and around the world? 

Are you worried about returning to work and trying to figure out day care for your children?

You’re not alone. There are many employees feeling this way.

SJSU has partnered with LifeMatters by Empathia for your counseling and employee assistance needs. 

Contact Empathia for more information:
caring hands - image by Pixabay.jpg
Rebecca Ochoa
Counselor for Faculty and Staff-
Service's Discontinued

After August 31, 2021, Rebecca Ochoa, our SJSU dedicated counselor for faculty and staff will no longer provide services to SJSU employees. We want to thank Rebecca for her professional services and support throughout the last year. 

If you wish to continue with counseling, or meet with a counselor for the first time, please contact our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider.

Please note, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services are only available to faculty and staff on the state side, not those in auxiliary organizations.

Student employees may contact Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) for assistance. 
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Tips on How to Relax Your Eyes
Article and photo by: Advanced Eye Clinic 

Do you spend a large amount of time looking at electronic devices, be it a computer or your smartphone? These visually intense activities along with others like driving, reading can strain your eyes and cause headache and blurry vision. Results of eye strain can also include light sensitivity, pain in the neck and shoulder, trouble concentrating, and itchy or burning eyes.

Here is a list of exercises and ways you can gain relief from painful computer vision syndrome and eye fatigue.
  • The Clock Exercise: Imagine a large analog clock placed a few feet away from you. Keep your head still, move your eyes to 9 on the imaginary clock and then to 3.
  • Warm & Cold Water Compresses: Dip a soft clean cloth into lukewarm water or cold water and put it over your eyelids for a couple of minutes.
  • 20-20-20 Rule: After every 20 minutes on screen time, take 20 seconds focusing on an object that’s placed about 20 feet away.
  • Apply heat to your eyes using your palms: Your eyes are extremely sensitive but little heat is not harmful it can give a sooth effect on your eyes.
  • Screen Ergonomics: Place your computer monitors 20 to 28 inches, or 50-70 cm away from your eyes.
  • Optimize your Eyewear special lenses: Blue light glasses or Anti Reflect glasses can protect your eyes from harmful blue light.
  • Etc.
Good News I.png
We want to hear your good news!

University Personnel would like to highlight employee good news in our Well-being Wednesday newsletters. Please share your stories with us, send us photos of an activity you participated in, share "words of wisdom" from your kids, tell us what's been helping you cope through the shelter-in-place. During these trying times, it's important to find the good in things. Your stories can help us all do that.

Not sure what to share? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
How are you balancing your time between work and home life?
  • How have you been staying active?
  • A big project that you procrastinated doing for months & finally finished.
  • Something your kids have been involved in.
  • A new volunteer opportunity; a new hobby.
  • You welcomed a new baby, got engaged, got married, or other life events.
  • An act of kindness that someone did for you or you did for someone else.
Stice_Rachel Picture 7-28-21.jpg
Photo by: Rachel Stice

On September of 2020, I underwent foot surgery due to a running injury.

 After surgery, I had to re-learn how to walk, jog, and run again. On Thursday, July 22, 2021, I completed my first virtual race, the 49th Annual Wharf to Wharf, since my accident.

Although I would have loved to complete a race in person, my Fiancé was kind enough to surprise me with a welcome banner and a box of doughnuts once I finished. I am so happy to have been able to get back into my fitness journey and complete this race!

Rachel Stice
University Housing Services
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Top 10 Healthy Foods For Your Eyes

Good healthy food choices are not only important to maintain your weight, but it is also extremely beneficial for your overall health which includes your precious vision. Certain vitamins and minerals are known to strengthen and safeguard your eyes by preventing eye disease.

Here are 10 foods you should include in your diet to improve your eye health:
  • Leafy green vegetables: Greens vegetables like kale, spinach, or collards are filled with vitamin C.
  • Orange vegetables and fruits: Orange foods like carrots, butternut squash, cantaloupe, mangoes, and apricots are rich in beta-carotene.
  • Oily Fish: Oily fish are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the immune system and protect the cells and nervous system.
  • Beans and legumes: Zinc helps in the production of melanin, a pigment that protects the eye. In addition, zinc also helps to reduce the progression of AMD and night blindness.
  • Nuts and seeds: These boost your body’s immune system and help fight against AMD, dry eye, and other diseases. 
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Cherry Ice Pops
Recipe and photo  by: Kaiser 

This ice pop recipe is a hydrating and tasty summertime snack for both kids and adults.

Get Recipe
Homebuying  Information
  • Landed: Home buying assistance through shared equity down payment program
Additional Resources 
  • Find more health and well-being resources in MyWell-being on the UP website
  • SJSU Staff Council encourages staff campus engagement, promotes a positive staff culture and actively participates in University affairs

  • Employee Affinity Groups provide opportunities to make identity-specific connections and build community with other employees
Upcoming Webinars (all times PST)

  • Landed: Register to attend two online information sessions for all employees interested in learning more about Landed’s down payment program and other homebuying resources. Thursday, August 19: 10:00 am - 11:00 am PST | Register here or Wednesday, August 25: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm PST | Register here
If you are unable to attend an info session or if you would like to connect with a Landed teammate sooner, visit
  • Empathia: Success or Stress: Thriving in a Chaotic World: Learn the causes of stress, mindset and attitudes, habits and actions Tuesday, August 24, 2021 from 2:00PM - 3:00PM Watch live broadcast
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