Spartan Sparks

Spartan Sparks

Professional Development for Staff

Spartan Sparks 2021 - Generating Transformative Ideas to Lead SJSU
Date: To be Announced
Location: Online via zoom

Next year’s event will consist of a Mini-Series Sessions (Best of the Best Practices), a Panel Presentation, Small Group Topical Discussions, and Town Hall. Staff are welcome to attend any or all of these activities.

The goals of this event include helping staff:

  1. Identify potential paths for promotion and career growth
  2. Recognize and advocate for future SJSU staffing needs
  3. Discover and benefit from professional development resources

Small Group Notes from Spartan Sparks 2020 Discussion Groups:

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or if you prefer, please reach out to any member of our planning team!
Sofia Moede
Peter Lee
Catherine Fanfa Sullivan
Virginia Lehmkuhl Dakhwe
Anna Kurpiewska
Sandy Jacobs-Tolle
Mai Phan
Lisa Francesca
Kristine Ellithorpe
Joanne Delamar
Beth Doyle
Jennifer Nathan
Cher Jones
Michelle Waldron
Rayna Friendly
Sylvia Ruiz
Meg Virick
Gina Marin
Robb Drury