PeopleSoft (SJSU @ Work) Training

The following PeopleSoft (SJSU @ Work) courses are taught on a 1 on 1 basis as requested, unless otherwise noted. Once training is complete, a PeopleSoft System Access Request must be submitted and approved.

 Academic HR Processing (HR9002) - contact HRIS

  • This course is for employees who manage the temporary faculty appoint process for their department; scheduled monthly but can also be taught 1x1

Edit Self Service Time Entry (HR9017) - contact Teri Reuck, Payroll Lead

  • This course is for employees responsible for managing the entry and approval of student/hourly employee work hours

POI Data Maintenance for Auxiliaries (HR9020) - contact Michele Delfino, Employee Support Services Lead

  • This course is for staff in auxiliary organizations responsible for maintaining person of interest data

Query Reporting in HCM 9 (HR9014) - contact HRIS

  • This course is for employees who need to create and run their own queries in PeopleSoft (SJSU @ Work); this is not for those who only need to run public queries

Training on other PeopleSoft and associated systems:

For additional information about training opportunities, contact the Training Coordinator.