Employee & Labor Relations

Employee & Labor Relations is responsible for supporting the campus community in developing and maintaining positive and respectful working relationships.

Employee Relations Team

Julie Paisant
Sr. Director, Retention, Employee Relations, DHR & Whistleblower Administrator
(408) 924-2255

Stacey Elsibai
Manager, Employee Relations & Deputy Title IX Coordinator
(408) 924-2142

Sandy Thang
Analyst, Employee Relations & Equal Opportunity
(408) 924-2259

Alfredo Coria
(408) 924-2251


Academic Employee Relations

Rosa E. Coronado
Sr. Director, Academic Employee Relations
(408) 924-1897


Union Release Time

University employees who are members of a collective bargaining unit may request release time.

Release time is time off from normal working duties/hours to conduct bargaining unit business. Employees and managers should consider the operational needs of the department when requesting or granting release time.

Management approval is required before union release time may be granted. Release time requests can be submitted via email to employee and labor relations.

Contact Employee Relations with any questions.



 An allegation filed by an employee of a violation, misapplication or misinterpretation, of a specific provision of a collective bargaining agreement.

Grievance Procedure

There is a process for determining whether a contract violation occurred. See your collective bargaining agreement for your bargaining unit's procedure.

See a list of SJSU Union Stewards


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