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Photo submitted by Susie Morris
We have been meeting with our students who studied abroad in the spring semester online. We like to check in and be available to see how they are doing and to let them know that even though their study abroad experience has ended, that we are still here to support them as they transition back to the US. Last week I was meeting with a student and we were talking about ways she is keeping busy. She mentioned she had been baking a lot, but wasn't able to get into more complex recipes as she didn't have and is unable to find yeast. Turns out she doesn't live that far from me and I have quite a bit of yeast in the pantry. We coordinated a contactless meeting where she swung by over the weekend to pick up yeast packets (and a plant we set out for her) so she can take her baking to the next level. :)

--Susie Morris/Study Abroad and Away
Sonia's stained glass.jpg
Photo submitted by Sonia Wright
I finally took on a 100+ piece stained glass project for a birthday gift. I've been doing stained glass projects for 20 years and have done several commissions. My nephew picked out a picture he wanted several years ago and I've been putting it off because I hate wrapping and fitting little pieces of glass, and this one had more than most designs. Now was the perfect time and it's a great stress reliever for me to produce a handmade art object while listening to music. I packed it up and mailed it to him--I was only two weeks late of making it on his birthday.

--Sonia Wright/University Advancement
Rebecca Ochoa photo.jpg
Introducing Rebecca Ochoa,
SJSU's Dedicated  Counselor for Faculty and Staff
Need someone to talk to during these difficult times?
Feeling anxious?
Relationship concerns?

University Personnel is happy to introduce Rebecca Ochoa, our new dedicated counselor for faculty and staff employees. Rebecca comes to us from Empathia, our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) partner.

Rebecca, has her B.S. in Psychology from Purdue University, and her Master's in Holistic Counseling from JFK University. She has been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2018.

During her years in school, as an intern and beyond, she worked with a range of people from young children to young adults and seniors. She also gained a focus during that time with children of all ages on the autism spectrum.

She is grateful to work with people to better understand and cope with their personally challenging situations including issues at work, anxiety and depression, existential crises, self-esteem, relationship issues and trauma.

Rebecca appreciates an eclectic approach to therapy and each individual based on the perspective that human beings are a mind, body, spirit collective. Her preferred tools include a mix of expressive arts, somatic awareness, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), narrative therapy, process therapy, and mindfulness.

She has additional training in Buddhist psychology, Depth psychology and the Process Model. Additionally, she has a certification in iRest® meditative practice and Soul Collage® expressive arts practice. She says, “The rewards of understanding ourselves are vital to living life to its fullest."

Rebecca will be available for consultations on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 am to 2:00pm.  To schedule an appointment, please call or text Rebecca directly at 408-784-4287. You may also  email Rebecca at rebeccatochoalmft@gmail.com.
Kaiser Updates: Men's Health, June Challenge
Focus on Men's Health
In the month of June Kaiser is focusing on simple things employees can do to protect the men in their lives:  3 Basic Health Tips for Men (pdf).

Tree Hugger Challenge
The Tree Hugger challenges invites you to enjoy nature 300 minutes over the next 30 days. That’s only 10 minutes a day! Choose something you enjoy doing; go outside, eat lunch in a park, go fishing, boating, camping, enjoy a local farmers market. Nothing is off limits as long as you get out and breathe the fresh air. Being with nature is therapeutic, it reduces stress, and improves mental health and mindfulness. Reconnecting with nature can help us reconnect with ourselves.
Last Updated Aug 31, 2022