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Introducing Kaiser's Mindful Minute Program with Kevin Pham - Available to all employees!

We’re happy to announce that Kaiser is rolling out an 8-week Mindful Minute campaign featuring Kevin Pham, Kaiser Permanente Health Educator and personal trainer. Kevin has been a personal trainer for 10 years and holds a Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

Beginning next week we will provide you with a link in the Well-being Wednesday newsletter that will allow you to access short Meditation and Stretching videos. The stretching videos will focus on 8 different body parts. Participants will learn about stress management and mindfulness techniques to help improve their resiliency and mood.

These are available to all employees regardless of your health plan. Videos can be watched at your convenience. Be on the lookout!
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Zoom Room for Parents
The Center for Faculty Development hosts a weekly Zoom room for SJSU faculty and staff who are parents. The group meets Wednesdays at 3:00 pm to discuss all manner of working-while-parenting topics, including K-12 re-opening plans, managing screen time, and the challenges associated with trying to fully focus on work while being pulled in all sorts of directions. The group is moderated by Yingjie Liu, eCampus Lead Instructional Developer, and Deanna Fassett, Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty Development.
Don't forget to take vacation!
Taking your well-earned vacation time is still important, even if you can't go anywhere. Spending time away from your home office is just as valuable as time spent away from your office on campus. Turn off the computer for a few days, say no to all the zoom calls, read a good book, take longer walks, clean out that closet that's been driving you crazy since March, or just relax and watch movies. 

Make sure to follow your department and collective bargaining agreement guidelines on requesting vacation. 
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Image provided by Lisa Laymon
It seemed like a crazy experiment when SJSU took over management of the Hammer Theatre in January, 2016. But after four years of building a vibrant mix of SJSU, community and professional programming on our stages, the university and the City have agreed to extend this great partnership for up to 35 more years! Our stage is dark for the moment, but we’re hard at work on plans for student and staff safety and live-streaming events until we can welcome audiences again.

--Lisa Laymon/Hammer Theatre Center (College of Humanities and Arts)
Last Updated Aug 31, 2022