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Spare the Air

As California wildfires continue to burn, it's important to monitor the air quality in your area. Here are some precautions you can consider:
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10 Things You Need to Take During an Evacuation

In the midst of an  emergency,  it  can be difficult to think clearly, which is why state and federal  disaster response agencies   recommend  planning for a potential evacuation  well in advance. 

Be prepared to take these items with you if you're ever forced to evacuate: 
  • Pets:  Create a pet evacuation kit. Stock it with food for your pet and other supplies you may need like a leash, cage, water, or blanket.
  • Identification: Pack your driver's license, passport, and other critical identification documents.
  • Cash and Credit: Remember, ATMs may not be accessible in an emergency and stores may be unable to take credit cards due to power or system outages. 
  • Important Documents: Grab important documents like birth and marriage certificates, social security cards, and other legal or financial documents.
  • Medications or Medical Supplies: Take needed prescription medication for you, your family, or pet. 

Have you or someone you know been affected by the wildfires?

Did you have to evacuate? 

Did you suffer from property loss?

In addition to our previously announced dedicated counselor for faculty and staff, University Personnel is pleased to announce the availability of two additional dedicated counselors from Empathia, our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) partner to assist employees affected by the wildfires for the next five weeks.

To meet with a counselor during the times listed below call 888-393-8296. This line is designated for SJSU employees. If you can not get a hold of a counselor and need to speak to a counselor immediately call, the main Empathia line 1-888-988-6327.

This week's schedule
Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2020 (today)
           Thursday, August 27, 2020
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm 

Beginning next week every Wednesday and Thursday
Date: Wednesdays
Time: 8:00 am to 12:00 pm

Date: Thursdays
Time: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Mindful Minute
Week 6: Reacting vs Responding

When someone annoys or agitates us, we tend to have an emotional response. We feel slighted, irritated, frustrated, and angry. Then we go home and ruminate about these feelings and dwell in these emotions. These not so great emotional responses tend to drain us of our energy. We feel exhausted and tired afterwards. Instead of reacting, try responding.
  • When we feel stressed out, we tend to react emotionally. Try taking a deep breath first, meditate, or go for a walk. When we leave the situation, we come back with a clearer head and better picture of what we need to fix.
  • It's not always about us. Remember that there are two sides to every story. Are you finger-pointing and not taking any responsibility? Are you misinterpreting the situation?
  • Is it worth it? Usually, what we're upset about probably won't matter in a couple of months. Recognize that reactive emotions can come across as angry and are only hurting you. Your problems will probably feel insignificant in a year. So why dwell and be upset about it?
Letting go isn't passive resignation. Letting go is recognizing there is something that is bothering you and taking action. Accept it and don't let it affect you anymore. Put your happiness and well-being above being stuck in a cycle of anger and hurt.
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Mindful Minute
Week 7: Finding Strength
There are times where we feel physically and mentally exhausted. It can be a work project, home improvement, or even our relationships with others. We might feel hopeless and overwhelmed by the situation and problem.

If you ever have a situation where it seems nearly impossible, below are some tips to help you rebound and reach your goal.
  • Take a break. Taking a break isn't giving up. It's recharging through participating in activities that you love. If you're feeling exhausted, find an activity that will restore and relax your physical and mental state.
  • Find strength in someone you love. My mom is the hardest worker, I know. She has sacrificed for my siblings and myself so that we can have a better life. When I need inspiration, I think of her and what she's done for our family. Is there anyone in your life that can help assist you in this time of need? Who can give you that extra push to persevere?
  • Trust what you're doing is enough. We all want life to go the way we want it. But sometimes it doesn't. Even if we put all of our self to fix something, sometimes things don't go the way we want them to. And that's ok because life isn't perfect. Look at every situation in which we do our best and accept things that are out of control. Trust that you are doing enough in every challenging situation.
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