Project Information


Project Status as of 6-3-2021

  • Pre-implementation
  • Activities include:
    • Drafting campus project definition documents
    • Drafting project schedule

Project Team

Executive Sponsor: Joanne Wright
Senior AVP, University Personnel
Reinforcing Sponsor: Mitesh Kini
Director, Enterprise Systems
Reinforcing Sponsor: Hien Huynh
Information Security Officer
Project, Change & Training Manager: Carrie Medders
Sr Director, Technology & Training
Business Analysts: Ken Guzzetta
Lisa Chen
Julia Chan
Project, Change & Training Support: Jennifer Jackson Sclafani
Shauna Rios
Cynthia Salinas
IT Support: Harish Chander
Peter Pham
Jeffrey Tan
Steve Chang
Security: Marco Scardina
Janice Lew
Web & Documentation: Michael Pyrch

Subject Matter Experts

Benefits: Marie Garcia
Time, Absence & LCD: Amar Sidhu
Treesy Ngo
Janet Sundrud
Job & Personal Data: Stacy Perez
Michele Delfino
Crystal Mercado
Position Management: Rosalina Calderon
Employee Reviews: Sandy Thang
Conflict of Interest: Maggie Carrera
Temporary Academic Employment: Stacy Perez
Michele Delfino
Crystal Mercado
Zeffie Bruce
Rosario Gaspar
Remie Bontrager
Junie Urbano
Thanh-Minh Nguyen
Cynthia Salinas
Campus Department SMEs: Dora Ruiz
Katrina Tran
Kim Huynh
Cher Jones
Julie Jimenez
Kris Ellithorpe
Kim Aldridge