Special Consultants

What is a Special Consultant?

A Special Consultant is a professional, exempt, temporary employee who has extensive, demonstrated experience in a particular area or specialty in which services are required for a defined period of time. A Special Consultant appointment is a professional assignment that requires the consultant’s particular knowledge, ability, or expertise.

The work performed by a Special Consultant is non-bargaining unit work and the employee is paid at a daily rate, once per month. Appointment as a Special Consultant shall not exceed one year.

Eligibility to Work

Special Consultants must be certified as eligible to work under the provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act and may not begin work until the successful completion of a background check.

Hiring a Faculty Special Consultant

  1. Complete the Faculty Special Consultant Pre-Approval Form [DocuSign], following all approval processes outlined in the instructions. To review what is on the Faculty Special Consultant Pre-Approval Form before you log in to DocuSign, please refer to this document [pdf].
  2. Once the background check clears, University Personnel will notify the department that the employee can begin work
  3. Once the work has been completed, forward the Special Consultant Payment [pdf] form to University Personnel-Faculty Services for processing

Hiring a Staff Special Consultant

  1. Complete the Temporary Support Request [pdf] and submit, along with an application and resume, to onboarding@sjsu.edu
  2. The request will be reviewed and the approval to extend a conditional offer will be issued
  3. Once the verbal offer is accepted, the conditional offer letter will be issued and a background check will be initiated
  4. Once the background check clears the final offer letter will be sent
  5. Once the work has been completed, the department forwards the Special Consultant Payment [pdf] form via email to onboarding@sjsu.edu.
  6. The recruiter will review the voucher and forward to Employee Support Services for processing.