Resource Managers/Analysts and Department Admins

Resource Managers and Analysts, as well as Department Admins are defined as individuals who manage recruitments for their division, college or department.


  • Individuals in these positions who have completed the proper training will be granted access to do the following tasks in the CHRS Recruiting system:
    • Create Job Cards (initiate recruitments)
    • Manage/Move Applications through the Process (when identified as the Administrative Support for the recruitment on the Job Card)
    • Create Offer Cards (for faculty recruitments only)


  • Required for faculty recruitment processing:
    • Initiate Recruitments
    • Manage Faculty Recruitments
    • Prepare Faculty Job Offers
    • Recruiting Integration (if identified as someone who will manage integration for faculty recruitments)
  • Required for staff recruitment processing:
    • Initiate Recruitments
    • Manage Staff & MPP Recruitments
  • Email to request training

Documentation and Help

  • User Guides, Job Aids, and Videos, as well as other supporting documentation, can be found on the Help page
  • Email for additional help or visit an open lab