Student Groups

Urban Planning Coalition

Group of seven people in UPC

The Urban Planning Coalition (UPC) is a student-run campus organization that aims to enrich the academic experience for all students interested in urban and regional planning by facilitating the exchange of ideas and thoughtful discussions, building professional networks, and advising students of the opportunities in the field of urban planning. UPC plans and participates in several events throughout the year, including an annual Symposium focused on a current urban planning topic, workshops, fundraisers, and social and networking events.

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TRANSITion Parking Day

TRANSITion is a student-led advocacy group that works to improve public transportation to San Jose State Univeristy and around Silicon Valley. Their goal is to provide viable alternatives to cars so more students can get an education without wasting time on slow bus service or stuck in traffic. The group's current advocacy interests include Bus Rapid Transit for San Jose, Park(ing) Day, and improvements to parks, trails, and public open spaces. They also organize regular social gatherings, group walks, and happy hours.

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