Dayana Salazar








Dayana Salazar is a Professor at San José State University’s Urban Planning Department specializing in participatory community planning and development. She leads students out of the classroom to work with the community towards improving the quality of life in local neighborhoods. Under her leadership, teams of faculty and students have developed neighborhood improvement plans in close partnership with diverse, low-income neighborhoods in the South San Francisco Bay area. The neighborhoods and local government agencies have used the neighborhood improvement plans to direct well over 30 million in public funds towards implementing community-identified priorities.


Professor Salazar also serves as Executive Director for a multisector team of faculty, community residents, community benefit organizations, and city agencies that power CommUniverCity San José, a unique partnership between underserved neighborhoods in central San José (community), San José State (university), and the City of San José (city) focusing collective resources, knowledge, and expertise on resident-driven priorities.