Dissertation Formatting Resources, Guidelines, and Samples

Introduction to Dissertation Resources
Handy introduction to all the resources available on this page, from the November, 2020, Dinner and Discussion.

Formatting Your Dissertation: An Overview
Handy guide and supplemtary materials prepared by Radha Aravamudhan, 2019 EdD Graduate.

Published EdD Dissertations
Read all the dissertations that have been successfully defended and published. And look at them for samples of how to format your dissertation.

SJSU Dissertation Quick Reference Guide
Put together by Cheryl Cowan in the Graduate Studies office.

EdD Program's Dissertation Resources Page
Very helpful collection of resources, from official forms to checklists and guides.

College of Graduate Studies' Thesis and Dissertation Information Page
Be sure to check out the links on the right side of the page.

2021 Dissertation Deadlines
List of deadlines for completing your dissertation and graduating in Spring or Summer of 2021.