One-Day Workshops

To register for a workshop or seminar, please contact Tom Moriarty at In your message, please include the name and date of the workshop you would like to attend.

The Grammar of Necessity: Generative Grammar Lessons Through the Experimental Essay
Nico Peck, Communication Studies Department

Nico PeckThis workshop offers a new approach to teaching grammar, in the tradition of Gertrude Stein's "grammar of invention." Writing instructors will receive a lesson plan for a grammar lesson disguised as an experimental essay and strategies for successfully teaching it, including sample student essays and ideas for how to frame it in a 100W course. The lesson invites students to deconstruct the dictionary, delve into the very problem of meaning making, see the parts of speech in a new way, and create new words and word forms. Not only do students discover that writing is inventive and creative, rather than a "go fish" activity of finding the right word, but their writing is significantly better after completing this project, no matter what their baseline or language background.

Working with Multilingual Writers

Ching Ching Tan, Communication Studies Department

Ching Ching TanThe workshop explores new possibilities for supporting multilingual students’ writing. Participants will actively contribute to our dialogue, share experiences, and suggest ideas on how to be an ally of English learners in a 100W classroom. Our discussions will center on ways to assist students to be agents of change. Please consider attending one or both sessions of this workshop, as collaboration with different participants will create very different outcomes.

Providing Feedback on Student Writing: The Sequel
With Sara Cook, English Department


Participants of the original "Providing Feedback on Student Writing" workshop are encouraged to attend this follow-up, hands-on workshop.  Over 150 faculty from 14 departments attended the "Feedback" workshop, and this is an opportunity to practice providing feedback on your own students' work in a group setting.  We will review, troubleshoot, and collaborate.  Meet colleagues from your department, make friends in other departments, get ideas for writing assignments, or just eat the chocolate.