What Is 100W?

100W (3 units) is a junior-level, advanced writing course. It is a required course for all students at San Jose State University.

100W is designed to teach you how to write for your discipline: how to write like an engineer, for example, or a biologist, artist, or business person. 

What Are You Expected to Already Know When You Enroll in 100W?
You are expected to be a solid college-level writer. That means you understand the writing process and the goals, dynamics, and genres of written communication. You are comfortable interpreting and analyzing texts, and you are able to think clearly and write effectively as you give form and coherence to complex ideas. You are able to write for various audiences, purposes, and contexts, and are familiar with methods of effective reasoning and appropriate rhetorical strategies you can use to invent, demonstrate, and express arguments clearly, logically, and persuasively. You also have a good grasp of grammar and mechanics.

What Will You Learn in 100W?
You will learn how to apply your writing skills to specialized writing tasks in your discipline. You will learn about and practice the genres of your discipline -- the writing processes and rhetorical strategies writers in your discipline use to create and share new knowledge; report information and make arguments; and get things done in the workplace.

Sample 100W Syllabi
100W is taught in nearly every department on campus. Here is a small sample of what you will learn in your 100W class.

Anthropology 100W
Business 100W (Taught in the English and LLD Departments as 100WB)
Communication 100W
Kinesiology 100W
Psychology 100W