Accreditation Review Committee

University policy S16-5 recognizes accreditation as a campus-wide responsibility and establishes a permanent accreditation review committee (ARC) to coordinate review processes. ARC is charged with fostering campus engagement in re-accreditation activities, encouraging continuous improvement focused on student learning, and leading the campus in preparing for accreditation review.

The faculty-led, twenty-member committee meets throughout the academic year and includes representatives from the Academic Senate, Associated Students, Council of Deans, Office of Assessment, Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics, the President’s Cabinet, Program Planning, Student Affairs, the Tower Foundation, and five Faculty-at-Large members.

ARC Responsibilities:

  • Engaging diverse voices in the reflection and analysis of information collected and reported to the Western Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).
  • Generating institutional reports and materials needed to meet WSCUC requirements and responding to questions from WSCUC regarding written reports.
  • Communicating to all campus constituents’ information regarding accreditation activities and priorities.
  • Overseeing campus preparations to meet the requirements of WSCUC review committee site visits and the Institutional Review process as specified by WSCUC (including special visits).
  • Developing a campus preparation and implementation plan that responds to the directions given to the campus in previous WSCUC Commission letters and WSCUC accreditation review reports.
  • Summarizing the feedback received from WSCUC and making it widely available.

Upcoming Accreditation Activities:

  • Fall 2018 - Mid-cycle review preparation
  • Spring 2019 - Mid-cycle review by Commission
  • Summer 2021- Submission of Institutional Report (Self-Study)
  • Fall 2021 - Offsite review by Accreditation Team
  • Spring 2022 - Accreditation visit by Visiting Team