Body Image

Body Image

Body image is the way we feel about ourselves.  It can be how we perceive ourselves, or how we imagine other people see us.  It can affect all bodies, regardless of shape, size, and/or gender. Body image can be positive or negative, depending on one's self-esteem, life circumstances, mental health, and various other factors. It can fluctuate during our lives, and can be influenced by our world around us. It is important to remember that bodies naturally come in different shapes and sizes and body diversity is something we should appreciate and celebrate!

Request a Body Image Workshop

Our Peer Health Educators help create a welcoming and safe space for students to explore thoughts about their bodies. To request a workshop, click here 

Meet with a Professional to Talk

Counseling and Psychological Services addresses concerns about body image. To schedule an appointment, please call (408) 924-5910

Connect with Local Organizations

We have a wealth of help in our own backyard! The Body Positive is an organization out of Berkley, CA helping people at any stage of their body journey. Connect by visiting

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