Experimental WRF-SFIRE forecasts

Below are experimental fire and smoke forecasts produced using the WRFx system.

The core component is Fire ForecastWRF-SFIRE which is a coupled fire-atmosphere model based on WRF (Weather Research Forecasting System) and SFIRE fire spread model.

Currently, the WRFx system is running 48h forecasts twice a day at 03z (8 am PDT) and 15z (8 pm PDT). The nominal start times of the simulations are 00z and 12z, and each forecast starts from a 2-hour spin-up. The runs are processed on the fly and uploaded to the web. The fire state is initialized using the last IR fire perimeters and the most recent satellite fire detections using data from the WIRC GIS portal. A carry over tracer intialization is used for smoke. The fuel moisture is initialized using the fuel moisture data assimilation system collecting hourly fuel moisture observations.

Here are the links to the current active forecats:

Here are the links to the discontinued forecasts:
Alisal Fire:                 Most recent forecast          Previous forecast
Windy Fire:                Most recent forecast          Previous forecast
KNP Complex Fire:  Most recent forecast           Previous forecas
McCash Fire:            Most recent forecast          Previous forecast
Dixie Fire:                  Most recent forecast          Previous forecast 
Caldor Fire:               Most recent forecast          Previous forecast