Fall 2020 Admits (Undergraduate)

At SJSU, we encourage our students to take 15 units a semester whenever possible to ensure timely progress to earning their chosen degree. We understand that current circumstances might require more flexible options to complete a full 30 units over the course of a student's first year. This is why we developed this free course for our Fall 2020 admitted students.  

Eligible students may use their free course option during any Winter, starting Winter Session 2021, or Summer session within two years (for transfer students) or four years (for freshmen). Watch a recorded presentation for more information about your free class.

Please note, information in this presentation is for Summer 2021. The process, however, is the same for Winter Session. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Undergraduate Advising & Success Center (UASC) at undergraduate-advising@sjsu.edu


Additional Information: