Frequently Asked Questions

How to drop a course?

Visit the How to Drop section, for more information.

How to pay?

Visit the Payment section, for more information about how to pday.

How to register?

Visit the Registration section, for more information on how to register.

What is an SJSU ID number?

An SJSU ID number is assigned to all students. Use it to access registration and grades as well as other functions and on forms as identified. If you have forgotten your log in or password, click on MySJSU Help on or email

What is Winter Session?

Winter Session is a compacted session between the Fall and Spring semesters, offering degree credit courses and some short courses. Enrollment is not limited to full-time and part-time SJSU students. Any adult member of the community is eligible to enroll.

Who may attend?

Classes are open to college and university students, high school graduates and other adults from the community. You do not have to be accepted to San José State University to attend this session.

Admission to the University?

Enrollment in this session does not assure admission to San José State University. If you plan to work toward a degree or credential at San José State University, or wish to continue in attendance either full-time or part-time during the spring, summer or fall semesters, you must apply for admission. If you are interested in formal admission, contact the Admissions Office at 408.283.7500 or email