Latin American Studies Minor


Course Requirements


Requirements of the Minor 19
Novice high proficiency (ACTFL scale) as determined by the LAS advisor in Spanish, Portuguese or French.
Core Courses 10
SPAN 102B. Hispanic American Culture  V 3  
Any LAS advisor-approved Latin American History Course 4  
Complete one course from:
FREN 102B. Francophone Cultures: Through Literature and Cinema  V 3  
PORT 102B. Brazilian Culture    3  
Three courses approved by the LAS advisor from the list of electives  
Other Courses 9
ARTH 182A. Art of the Americas    3
DANC 102. Dance in World Cultures  V 3
SPAN 140A. Spanish American Literature I    4
SPAN 140B. Spanish American Literature II   4
SPAN 160A. Hispanic Culture    4
SPAN 160B. Hispanic Linguistics    4
SPAN 160C. Hispanic Literature    4
Spanish sequence (SPAN 160A, SPAN 160B and SPAN 160C) when focus is on Latin American Studies.
Social Sciences  
HIST 162. Colonial Latin America    4
HIST 163. Modern Latin America, 1800-Present    4
HIST 181. Advanced Topics in American History    4
MAS 105. Chicanos: United States/Mexico Relations    3
POLS 146. Latin American Politics    4
ANTH 178. Anthropology of Latin America    3
GEOG 150. Latin America and the Caribbean    3
BUS3 161A. Applied Organizational Behavior    3

Total Units: 19



For more information or advising, contact: 

cheyla samuelson Cheyla Samuelson 
Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara
Latin American Studies Advisor

Clark Hall 410D