Teacher Preparation

This program is geared towards students who are pursuing a foreign language teaching career at the middle and high school level.

Before Applying for Admission to the Single Subject Credential Program...

You must demonstrate competency in your subject either by having completed a Subject Matter Preparation Program or by successful completion of the CSET in your subject. You must have at least 80% of OPTION A or OPTION B completed before being considered for acceptance into the program.

  • OPTION A - Course Program: Complete a Single Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP). Since the Department of Foreign Languages at SJSU does not offer a SMPP at this time, Option A can only be satisfied by having your coursework reviewed by your institution and another certified institution that offers a SMPP, often referred to as a waiver program.
  • OPTION B - Exams: Pass the CSET and the Subject Matter Competency Exam. More information can be found at CSET's website.


Applying to Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) in French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish


The following is the application process for both the University and the SSCP.

Steps to Follow:

1. Go to Cal State Apply (https://www.calstate.edu/apply) and apply to Graduate Admissions. For any questions about the Cal State Apply application portal, please contact the Customer Service at (857)304-2087 or email them at CalStateApply@liaisoncas.com. Payment of the CSU Application Fee of $55 will be accepted by credit card or paypal only. The payment must be made in order to submit your Cal State Apply university application.

Be sure to apply for the Single Subject Credential Program. You must submit a set of official/sealed transcripts to Graduate Admissions from each college you have attended (with the exception of SJSU transcripts.)

It is recommended that you have the transcripts mailed to your home, then bring them in to Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations located at Student Services Center (SSC), or mail them to:

Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations

San Jose State University

One Washington Square

San Jose, CA 95192-0017

Check the Graduate Admissions website regarding their required documents.

 2. Make an appointment to meet with subject area advisor, Anne Jensen at anne.jensen@sjsu.edu to complete a Subject Matter Competency Form. Bring a copy of your CSET scores to this appointment. Information regarding deadlines and test dates of the CSET can be found by clicking HERE.

Here are the links for CSET Guides in French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish:

Mandarin Chinese

3. Writing Requirement: An on-site writing task will be completed at the time of the subject matter review.

4. Application Information Form: Must be completed and submitted to the Secondary Education Department (Sweeney Hall 301). This form can be found on the Secondary Education website.

5. CBEST Exam: A copy of the whole page of the CBEST score sheet must be submitted to Sweeney Hall 301, even though you may have listed SJSU as one of the receiving agencies.

6. Official Transcripts: 2 sets are required with bachelors' degrees and from all college(s) attended. One set submitted with your application to the Secondary Education Office (Sweeney Hall 301) and send the second set to Graduate Studies.

7. US Constitution: If you have taken a course then it will be verified once the dept. receives your transcripts. If you wish to take an exam, please call 408-924-5980. Email address: testing-office@sjsu.edu

8. Technology Competency Exam: Information for this exam can be found at the bottom of this page. Once you have taken the exam, please submit proof of passing the exam to Sweeney Hall 301 or take the course EDIT 122. This requirement needs to be met at the end of your first semester in the program.

9. Pre-Professional ExperienceComplete 45 hours of observation in a public middle or high school in California and submit a signed Pre-Professional Experience Form. The classes observed must be in regular academic year classroom setting in a class of the subject area you want your credential in.
*This experience does need to be current within the past 2 years. NOTE: substitute teaching, teachers aide can count.

10. 2 Current Letters of Recommendation: from individuals in a professional level (Ex: employer, professor, etc.)

  • Letters must be current (less than 2 years old).
  • Letters must have the originator's contact information and signature.
  • Letters must be from people who have known you in an educational or professional relationship (not from personal friends or family - these will not be accepted).
  • Letters must speak to your ability to work with people, your work ethic, your intellectual capabilities, or other characteristics pertinent to teaching.
  • Letters must be submitted to Secondary Education at Sweeney Hall 301 or mailed to us at: Secondary Education, San Jose State University, One Washington Square, SH 301, San Jose, CA 95192-0077 (the letters may be addressed to Dr. Rita Tracy, Chair of Secondary Education). We do not require that the letters be in sealed envelopes.

11. Resume: 1 page stating your work and educational experience (does not need to be related to teaching experience).

12. Certificate of Clearance: (Fingerprinting Process) All applicants are required by the State of California to have fingerprints on file in order to work in California schools. Please visit the SJSU Secondary Credential website for fingerprinting instructions and required fee. Further information is provided on the California Teacher Credentialing Commission Fingerprint Information website.

How many courses are required of actual credential coursework? 11 courses 

Number Course Title Units Requirements
FLED 380 Methods of Foreign Languages 3  
EDSC 162 Language and Literacy Development   
EDSC 172A  Social & Mutlicultural Foundations   
EDSC 173  Psychological Foundations   
EDSC 182  Evaluation  Co-Req: 184Y&Z 
EDSC 246  Learning Environments  Co-Req: 184X 
EDTE 190  Health and Education   
EDSE 192A  Including & Supporting Students with Special Needs  3  
EDSC 184X Phase I Student Teaching  Pre-Req or co-Req: Methods 
FLED 184Y&Z  Phase II Student Teaching 


FLED 285 Phase II Student Teaching Seminar Co-Req: Phase II Student Teaching


Below are detailed descriptions of Option A and Option B for demonstrating competency in the target language.


A typical Single Subject Matter Preparation Program includes a minimum of 33 units, or 11 courses and sometimes a comprehensive exam. For information purposes, you may compare the coursework you have done with our B.A. programs, which include all the courses that are required for subject matter preparation:

  • Courses: Spanish or French
  • Exam: Subject Matter Competency Exam: Spanish - French: Some programs include a subject matter competency exam that the students will take at the end of their preparation program. This test is articulated to the course program and the passing grade serves as final verification of preparation.
    Single Subject Matter Preparation Program



Your transcript must reflect all courses.

All six courses below are required:

  • Spanish 101A Advanced Spanish and Composition (4 units)
  • Spanish 101B Advanced Spanish and Composition (4 units)
  • Spanish 102A Spanish Culture (3 units)
  • Spanish 102B Latin American Culture (3 units)
  • Spanish 105 Spanish Phonology (3 units)
  • Spanish 110 Spanish Morphology and Syntax (3 units)

Two courses from the selection below are required:

  • Spanish 120A Spanish Literature I (3 units)
  • Spanish 120B Spanish Literature II (3 units)
  • Spanish 140A Latin American Literature I (3 units)
  • Spanish 140B Latin American Literature II (3 units)

Two elective courses from selection below and from others above:

  • Spanish 160A or 160C Hispanic Culture (Topics vary) (3 units)
  • Spanish 160B Hispanic Linguistics (3 units)
  • Spanish 170 Spanish Translation (3 units)
  • Spanish 180



A total of ten courses are required.

All six courses below are required:

  • Fren 101A Advanced French and Composition (3 units)
  • Fren 101B Advanced French and Composition (3 units)
  • Fren 101C Advanced French and Conversation (3 units)
  • Fren 102A French Culture: Prehistory to the Revolution (3 units)
  • Fren 102C French Culture: 19th and 20th Centuries (3 units)
  • Fren 105 French Phonology (3 units)
  • Fren 110 French Morphology and Syntax (3 units)

Two courses from the selection below are required:

  • Fren 120A French Literature: Middle Ages & Renaissance (3 units)
  • Fren 120B French Literature: 17th & 18th Centuries (3 units)
  • Fren 140A French Literature: 19th Century (3 units)
  • Fren 140B French Literature: 20th Century (3 units)

Two elective courses from selection below and from others above:

  • Fren 160 (Topics vary) (3 units)
  • Fren 132 French for Professionals (3 units)
  • Fren 170 Basics of Translation (3 units)
  • Fren 180



Subject Matter Competency Exam

Some SMPPs include a subject matter competency exam that the students will take at the end of their program. This test is articulated to the course program and the passing grade serves as final verification of preparation. For information on B.A. programs in the department of Foreign Languages, and courses to prepare for taking the CSET or complete your coursework, contact a DFL faculty advisor in your subject matter.

Reference Materials



Please contact Anne Jensen at anne.jensen@sjsu.edu or at her office in Clark Hall 408P. Also, can be reached at (408) 924-4628.

Thank you for your interest in SJSU, and in the World Language Teacher Credential Program. We will do our best to help you.

Anne Jensen
Teacher Education Advisor & Supervisor 
Department of World Languages and Literatures 
San José State University 
One Washington Square 
San José, CA 95192-0091