Course Description

Certification Preparation

The Project Management Institute, also known as PMI, is an internationally recognized organization that sets the standards for project management professionals. SJSU is excited to offer courses designed to prepare participants for several key PMI certifications in addition to helping them excel on the essentials in the respective areas.


XM-PRJM 408: PMP/CAPM Fundamentals

The course is designed to meet the needs of those who want to pursue a solid understanding of project management and apply it to their careers. Its curriculum is based on the PMI PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide with an emphasis on situation analyses that call for the best project management practice per PMI guidance. That also makes it an excellent preparation class for the PMP certification examination which contains many questions assessing students' ability to apply PMI project management knowledge / techniques to issues in various business scenarios. For students who do not meet the eligibility requirement for the PMP exam, this course is an excellent preparation class to pass the CAPM exam. Additionally, this course includes the popular PMI membership (a $139 value) that entitles you to many PMI benefits such as free access to the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide, and up to $150 in savings on the PMI exam application fee.

Instructor:Harjit Singh

XM-PRJM 424: Agile and Scrum Project Management Boot Camp

Project managers are increasingly being asked to utilize a Scrum framework for complex and team-centric projects. This course is designed to help students better understand this framework, and learn the tools and techniques that will help them master the Scrum process. Additionally, this course provides excellent preparation for the PMI ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) examination.

Instructor: Srinivas Ramakuri


XM-PRJM 423: Project Management Business Analysis

The course is designed to provide a comprehensive skill set to all participants for a successful career launch (and survival) as a Business Analyst. Continual emphasis will be on building leadership skills and competencies to succeed as a change agent central to any key initiative. Besides being an excellent preparation for the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PBA) certification, this course is highly interactive, practical, and intensive. Class work involves real-world case studies. Participants will work in teams and immediately put into practice what they learn. 

Instructor: Srinivas Ramakuri


Current Trend

The Agile movement in project management seeks alternatives to the traditional Waterfall development method. What motivates more and more project managers to start using Agile methodologies? What does it mean to be agile in managing projects? Come and explore SJSU courses designed to examine the Agile project management methodologies and learn the skills to put them into practice, and manage projects to success.

XM-PRJM 425: Agile Project Life Cycle

This course will discuss the Agile Life Cycle approach for product development, and why this approach is crucial to Agile project management. This course will focus on the fundamental and practical aspects of the Agile approach, highlighting the value of customer focused adaptive planning, and collaborative (development teams and customers) effort. Using realistic projects, case studies, examples, and interactive classroom group activities, this course will teach students practical industry-standard tools and techniques that will lead to better decision-making, and desirable project outcomes.

Instructor: Harjit Singh

XM-PRJM 426: Agile Mindset

This course will advance participants' knowledge of Agile management, and teach them how to develop a mindset that will allow them to effectively adapt to and leverage change in today's dynamic business environment. Participants will work with Agile experts to deepen their understanding and experience, and explore the intrinsic motivators of autonomy, mastery and purpose. They will also learn the impact of a values-based strategy on organizational performance, as well as learn techniques to help them create, promote, and sustain a culture of Agility and customer value.

Instructor:Anup Deshpande


Transition to Current Trend

Knowing the current trends in project management will help you stay up to date on industry standards and emerging practices. Having the understanding and methodologies to transition to the current trends will give you an edge, and help you remain competitive in your career.


XM-PRJM 404: Planning for Incremental Development

Incremental development is a characteristic in Agile project management. A meaningful project schedule is the best way to assure the success of your project. However, schedules are impacted by risk, quality and procurement. Thus, a meaningful schedule cannot be created without addressing these aspects of planning in parallel. The approach presented in Schedule Centered Planning uses the WBS to develop a planning process that incrementally builds up an end product. Additionally, students will learn how planning should be used to deliver the best results.

Instructor: Vincent McGevna


XM-PRJM 422: Waterfall Hybrid Project Management

The blend of Waterfall and Agile approaches can do wonders in many situations when used in right proportions, and may prove to be more complimentary to each other than previously thought. This interactive hands-on course will use realistic projects, case studies, examples, and classroom group activities to teach the students how to harness the synergy of Waterfall and Agile approaches to benefit from the best of both worlds. Students will learn to manage the end-to-end hybrid life cycle effectively, and techniques for applying their newfound knowledge to real-world project environments.

Instructor: Harjit Singh


XM-PRJM 421: Agile Transformation with Scrum

Are you looking for an industry-tested and successful path to Agile transformation? Here's your chance to learn, gain experience, and take that critical step toward becoming an agent of change in the real world. The Agile transformation with Scrum course will arm students with all the information on Agile/Scrum that is necessary to address challenges and find Agile solutions in many of today's complex projects. This course will teach participants the experiential aspects of learning through hands-on team activities that use Agile concepts. Participants will have the unique opportunity to manage real-world projects, from start to finish, using Agile techniques.

Instructor: Anup Deshpande



Any endeavor without leadership is prone to failure. SJSU leadership courses in project management will equip you with leadership skills in crucial areas such as communications, motivating and influencing others, knowledge and understanding of underlying processes, and more. Leadership knowledge and skills are essential to the success of every project.


XM-PRJdM 417 Project Management - Business Communications

One of the most important skills of a project manager is communication. Project managers need to know how to communicate so that the messages they send are understood the way they were intended. Most project management communication is one-to-one, in meetings or by email. This course gives you the opportunity to learn how to communicate effectively in each of these ways. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) from a variety of industries will be invited to be guest speakers in the course to add their hands-on knowledge of project management.

Instructor: John Goldberg


XM-PRJM 402: Project Management Leadership Training

Do you want to polish the leadership skills you need to be a more successful project manager? This course supports the requirement for the Leadership side of the Project Management Institute's Talent Triangle. Skills from the Leadership area of talent that will be taught in this course include coaching, conflict management, interpersonal skills, listening and team building. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) from a variety of industries will be invited to be guest speakers in the course to add their hands-on knowledge of project management.

Instructor: John Goldberg

XM-PRJM 409: Managing Project through SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

This course will teach students how to identify and use the proper tools and techniques to manage the systems and software development projects through each phase of the SDLC methodology. This interactive hands-on course will involve real-world projects, case studies, examples, and classroom group activities that will give students the practical knowledge to transform a concept into a real-life, working solution.

Instructor: Harjit Singh


XM-PRJM 419: Advanced Project Management

The Advanced Project Management Program is geared to impart knowledge in all aspects of project management including Agile and Scrum Practice and will be helpful whether you are just starting this new career or have several years of experience. Take advantage of our results oriented curriculum taught by industry experienced practicing project managers, teaching from real project experience. The program also provides you with practical insights and case studies for delivering programs and projects on time and within budget.

As an added benefit, this program also fulfills the 35 hours of project management education requirement for candidates aspiring to obtain the PMP or 30 hours of Risk Management education requirements for PMI-RMP Certifications.

Instructor: Srinivas Ramakuri


XM-PRJM 410: Project Success through Strategic and Business Management

This course supports the requirement for the "Strategic and Business Management" side of PMI's Talent Triangle. Strategic and Business Management is the knowledge of and expertise in the industry or organization that enhances performance and better delivers business outcomes. In particular, effective strategic planning and alignment for project success, project complexity management, essential supply chain management, and project financial analysis techniques will be emphasized as essential elements for project success.

Instructor: Harjit Singh



XM-PRJM 401: Effective Technical Project Managementegic and Business Management

This course supports the requirement for the "Technical Project Management" side of PMI's Talent Triangle. Technical Project Management comprises the knowledge, skills, and behaviors pertaining to specific domains of project, program, and portfolio management. Key concepts on triple constraints management, earned value management, quality management, Agile project management and risk management will be thoroughly discussed.

Instructor: Harjit Singh


COURSE REFUND POLICY: Full Refund (minus a $20 processing fee) if class dropped before the first day of instruction. NO Refund when class dropped on the same day of instruction, or later.