What is project management?

Project management is a discipline in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing projects.  Throughout a project, skills and techniques such as managing project scope, time, cost, human resources, quality, communications, risk, contracts, stakeholders, and the interrelationships among them are applied to facilitate project progress to deliver all the expected deliverables.

Why project management?

Project Management skills are crucial in ensuring that the project outcomes meet the project’s intended objectives. Many employers see project management skills, or the CAPM or PMP certification, as a testament to an individual’s ability to successfully organize, implement and manage a project.

How can project management skills help improve job performance?

Most jobs consist of projects, large and small, and the fundamentals of approaching and managing projects are all essentially the same. With proper project management skills, one can understand the basic mechanics of each project they’re working on, enabling them to complete the project successfully and on time.  Project management skills are key to career advancement and can help any individual dramatically increase their job performance in a relatively short period of time.

Will I become certified with these courses?

To become PMI certified, an individual must take and pass either the Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam.

Who is a good candidate for a project management course?

Those looking for a career in project management or organizational leadership, or those seeking advancement in their current positions can benefit greatly from a project management course. Individuals who would also like to become certified in project management should take project management courses, particularly the PMP/CAPM preparation course.