Student Assistants


IT & Systems Support Student Coordinator

  • Pronouns: she/her/hersCatherine Kuntoro
  • BS student in Computer Science
  • Goals: Have a room full of plants and achieve the Master Rank in Pokemon Unite
  • Special Interests: Taking care of and collecting plants, playing mobile and Switch games, and demanding animal pics


Video Production Student Coordinator

  • Pronouns: he/him/hisJordan Capili
  • BA student in Radio-Television-Film
  • Goals: Work in the media industry, visit the Netherlands, work out consistently, and grow a salad garden
  • Special Interests: Gardening, going out for walks, playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, and chatting with friends


Front-Desk Student Assistant

  • Pronouns: he/him/hisJosh Capili
  • BA student in Radio-Television-Film
  • Goals: Be part of a volleyball team and become proficient in guitar
  • Special Interests: Playing volleyball, playing the guitar and drums, learning new hobbies, hanging out with friends, and playing video games


Events Student Coordinator

  • Picture of Lilly, Writing Center Student Coordinator BS student in Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management with a minor in business
  • Goals: Travel to new places and work in the hospitality industry as a social or corporate event planner
  • Special Interests: Cooking, exercising, and outdoor activities such as hiking or going to the beach


Front-Desk Student Assistant

  • Pronouns: he/him/hisSafiullah Saif
  • BS Student in Software Engineering
  • Goals: Become a leading software developer in the Bay Area
  • Special Interests: Listening to music, weightlifting, playing badminton, touch typing, and going to the beach


Design & Marketing Student Coordinator

  • BFA student in Animation/IllustrationPicture of Siena, Writing Center Student Coordinator
  • Goals: Contribute to the visual development of movies and television shows alongside writing and illustrating children's books
  • Special Interests: Hiking, camping, sewing (and other hand crafts), and exploring different cultures (by trying their food and learning their history and lore)


Front-Desk Student AssistantSwadha Patel

  • Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • BS student in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Analytics
  • Goals: Become a successful CFO and start my own business
  • Special Interests: Painting, playing tennis, riding motorcycles, and enjoying outdoor activities


Social Media Student CoordinatorZara Poswal

  • BS student in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing
  • Goals: Graduate college in four years, sharpen my cooking skills, travel to new countries, and have a successful marketing career in the Bay Area
  • Special Interests: Listening to music, spending time with loved ones, beauty and fashion