Additional Resources

We provide dozens of free handouts for download with information on topics such as style, grammar, punctuation, timed writing strategies, forms of writing in specific fields, commonly used citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago), and specific writing projects (e.g., resumes, cover letters, personal narratives, annotated bibliographies). These handouts are all created by Writing Center tutors and faculty.

In recent years, we have started developing video tutorials, and on our YouTube page, you can find these tutorials along with other informational videos about the Writing Center. We also have a blog, "The Write Attitude," which is managed by our Coordinator of Digital Initiatives. You can tell your students about these online resources, or you can use them directly in your classroom.

The Writing Center has a number of social media accounts, and we can promote events through at least one of our social media channels if they are co-sponsored by the Writing Center (or one of our professional staff/faculty members). If you would like to promote a different contest or event, we can post physical fliers in our Clark Hall location and/or post information as a story on Instagram or Facebook. If you have an idea for a social media collaboration, we would love to hear it!