Faculty Services

Writing Center FacultyThe Writing Center is dedicated to assisting all faculty in their efforts to elicit the best writing from their students. If we are to achieve our goal of being able to assist all students in all disciplines, we must work closely with the instructors who know those students best. If you would like to use our services, or if you have any suggestions for resources beyond those available on our website, please contact us. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

We also host a listserv for faculty who are interested in learning more about our services. Send an email to writingcenter@sjsu.edu with a request to add your name to our list. You'll then receive frequent updates. All faculty are welcome to join. 

House Calls and Workshops

Our writing tutors can visit your classroom and

  • provide a 10-15 minute house call to discuss Writing Center services with your students.
  • conduct a one-hour workshop (see workshop topics).
  • assist in peer-review groups. 

To request a house call or workshop for your class, please click on the blue button below to complete our request form. If you would like workshops or house calls for multiple classes, fill out one form per class.

Request a House Call or In-Class Workshop


Please review the following reminders before you request our services. 

  • We have a regular workshop schedule every semester, and our workshop topics cover different parts of the writing process. You can advertise our workshop schedule to your students if you don't want to use your class time for a special workshop. 
  • If you do request an in-class workshop, you must be present during the entire workshop session. Our in-class workshops are not a substitute teaching service! You will also be responsible for making copies of our workshop materials for your students. 
  • We will try to accommodate your date and time requests; however, we can usually only schedule workshops during our normal hours of operation.
  • We cannot usually accommodate more than 2-3 requested workshops per instructor each semester.
  • We recommend scheduling house calls early in the semester, and we do not generally schedule house calls or in-class workshops during the final weeks of a term.  

Course-Embedded Tutors

If you are a faculty member teaching a writing-intensive course, you can apply for a course-embedded tutor. Course-embedded writing tutors are a form of supplemental instruction, and they are a valuable resource for your students throughout the writing process. They are more skilled and knowledgeable than their peers—they are fully trained and supported by the Writing Center and the Writing Across the Curriculum program—and they work five hours per week exclusively with your students.

Faculty members and course-embedded writing tutors work out a flexible schedule within the following guidelines:

  • Tutors will dedicate two hours each month to on-going training at the Writing Center.
  • Tutors will spend time each week working directly with students.
  • Tutors can split their hours between time spent in the classroom and time spent working with students outside of class.
  • Tutors are not allowed to grade or evaluate student work in any form.

Within these guidelines, faculty members and course-embedded writing tutors work together to decide how this time should be allocated. Please visit the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) website to apply and to review additional information. 


Syllabus Statement

To inform your students about the Writing Center and the services that we offer, please use the following statement on your course syllabi:

"The San José State University Writing Center offers a variety of resources to help students become better writers, and all of our services are free for SJSU students. Our mission is to enhance the writing skills of SJSU students so they can communicate clearly in any setting (informal, academic, or professional). We accomplish this goal through creating original writing resources, offering workshops, and conducting one-on-one and small-group tutoring sessions. 

The SJSU Writing Center has two locations: We conduct drop-in tutoring sessions in Clark Hall, Suite 126; we conduct scheduled appointments on the second floor of the MLK Library. We also offer online tutoring sessions using the Zoom web conferencing platform. All appointments can be made online at sjsu.mywconline.com.

All our writing tutors have gone through a rigorous hiring process, and they are well trained to assist all students at all levels within all disciplines to become better writers. In addition to tutoring services, the Writing Center also offers workshops every semester on a variety of writing topics. To make an appointment, register for a workshop, or to refer to the numerous online resources offered through the Writing Center, visit the Writing Center website at http://www.sjsu.edu/writingcenter."

Writing Resources

We provide dozens of free handouts for download with information on topics such as style, grammar, punctuation, timed writing strategies, forms of writing in specific fields, commonly used citation styles (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago), and specific writing projects (e.g., resumes, cover letters, personal narratives, annotated bibliographies). These handouts are all created by Writing Center tutors and faculty.

In recent years, we have started developing video tutorials, and on our YouTube page, you can find these tutorials along with other informational videos about the Writing Center.

We also have a blog, "The Write Attitude," which is managed by our Digital Initiatives Coordinator, who is also a faculty member in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. All entries are written by Writing Center tutors and faculty.  

You can tell your students about these online resources, or you can use them directly in your classroom.

Social Media/Blog Promotions

The Writing Center has a number of social media accounts along with an active blog. We can promote events through at least one of our social media channels if they are co-sponsored by the Writing Center (or one of our professional staff/faculty members). If you would like to promote a different contest or event, we can post physical fliers in our Clark Hall location and/or post information as a story on Instagram or Facebook. 

If you have an idea for a social media collaboration, we would love to hear it! Please contact our Coordinator of Digital Initiatives, Maria Judnick (maria.judnick@sjsu.edu). 

Required Services Statement

We greatly appreciate the support of professors across campus in promoting the Writing Center to their students. However, we have limited resources and, unfortunately, we cannot support required use of our services. We also request that you do not incentivize your students to use our services (e.g., in the form of students earning points or extra credit for receiving tutoring services.)

For more information, read our full statement about required services. Please contact our Director, Michelle Hager (michelle.hager@sjsu.edu), if you'd like to discuss requiring or incentivizing Writing Center visits for your students.