Online Tutoring

Online tutoring appointments are scheduled through our Online Reservation System. Select the "Online Tutoring" option from the menu of schedules to see available appointment times. 

If you have questions about how online tutoring operates, please watch our brief informational video (below). You can also refer to the general Zoom information page: If you are having difficulty using our online reservation system, please send an email to

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

When you make an appointment, you agree to the following policies and procedures. If you have questions or concerns about any of these policies, please send us an email or set up an appointment to speak with our Director. 

Our Expectations  

Please review the following expectations, all of which support our mission and further your continued learning. We reserve the right to end or cancel your appointment if these expectations are not met.

  1. Eligibility: You must be currently registered and enrolled at SJSU to use Writing Center services.

  2. Preparedness: Students requesting online sessions are responsible for having their own equipment (laptop, webcam, microphone) in working order and a strong internet connection. We ask that students use Microsoft Word/Pages documents and save a copy of the document before their session. Microsoft Word/Pages documents are required for citation assistance. Google Docs are acceptable except in cases of citation assistance. Students must have the “track changes” option turned on. The Writing Center is not responsible for any lost work. Students are responsible for saving their own work.

    Students must be in a quiet location where they can speak without interruption. Audio must be used at all times in the session. Tablet usage is strongly discouraged unless accommodations are present.

    If tutors report repeated tech issues with the same student, you may be blocked from making additional online tutoring appointments until you come in for a technology review meeting with our Coordinator of Digital Initiatives. 

  3. Frequency of Appointments: You can schedule one 45-minute tutoring appointment per day, with a maximum of two appointments made in advance per week. If you are a graduate student working on a large project or are an AEC student who needs the accommodation of extra tutoring time, please send an email to We can schedule one additional tutoring session for you each week. 

    If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you must cancel before the appointment is scheduled to begin. If you miss two appointments without cancelling in advance, you will be blocked from the online scheduling system. You will then be limited to in-person drop-in only sessions for the rest of the semester. We offer drop-in tutoring on a first-come, first-served basis at our location in Clark Hall 126. However, drop-in sessions cannot be made in advance and may not always be available, especially during peak hours.

  4. Prerequisites for Online Tutoring: Students should be familiar with the tech support details. Students can also attend a Tech Setup Day at the start of each semester in the Writing Center.

Our Policies


There will be a five-minute grace period for entering the tutoring session. If the student does not appear in the Zoom session after five minutes, the session will be canceled.

Appointment Scheduling

While students may cancel up until the appointment time, appointments need to be made 24 hours in advance so our front desk staff can send the necessary Zoom links. Students must check their SJSU email accounts for the Zoom link.

Technology Distractions

After two equipment or technology failures/noise warnings during online sessions, students will no longer be allowed to schedule online tutoring sessions for the rest of the semester. Students may only attend appointment or drop-in sessions at the Writing Center locations on campus.


The Writing Center strongly recommends that students turn on their video unless internet connectivity issues are present. (Tutors will never turn on the video without the student’s permission and never record the session unless accommodations are present.)


If audio is not working, students will be required to call the Writing Center phone line at (408) 924-2308 unless special accommodations are present.

Session Interruptions

If a student interrupts another session or contacts a tutor outside of work hours two times, they will no longer be allowed to schedule online tutoring sessions for the rest of the semester.

Student Preparedness

If students do not have their document ready in a accessible format (pdf, corrupted file, etc.), the session will be canceled, and they will be asked to reschedule.


If a student is found sharing a video or screen shot of an online appointment on their social media or via any other electronic means, they will be asked to remove the video, and they will be banned from scheduling tutoring sessions at the Writing Center for the remainder of the semester. The incident will also be reported to SJSU’s Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development.

Student Code of Conduct

Students must be appropriate in the language, dress, and content of their online sessions.

If a tutor is made to feel uncomfortable during a session, they will have the right to turn off the video, terminate the session, and/or report the tutee to the university. Depending on the severity of the offense, students may be banned from the Writing Center for the semester.

Tutors will inform the student that the session is being terminated.