Ask a Tutor Live Chat

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We have partnered with the MLK Library to offer our “Ask a Tutor” live chat service. You can ask our tutors live questions at scheduled times when we have tutors available—no appointment necessary. Note that this service can only be used for brief questions—generally concerns that tutors can address within 5-15 minutes. Live chat services are available during the fall and spring semesters. Click the blue button below to start chatting!

 Ask a Tutor Live Chat Service

When will a tutor be available to answer my chat questions? 

Tutors will be available to chat on the following days and times during the fall and spring semesters. (We offer tutoring by appointment only during winter and summer sessions).  

Day Times









How do I sign up for a live chat session? 

  1. Visit our Ask a Tutor Live Chat Service.
  2. Log in with your SJSU ID and password to chat with a Writing Center tutor.
  3. Enter your name and a short description of the question in the "Chat with the Writing Center" window and click on "Start Chat."
  4. You will then be connected with an available Writing Center tutor. 
  5. For more details, view our Ask a Tutor Live Chat Service video tutorial.


What can I expect when I chat with my tutor? 

The tutor is available during live chat to answer any quick questions you have about writing. They will still engage in a dialogue with you--similar to a regular tutoring appointment--but the time is much more limited. The scope of your question has to be narrow enough that a tutor can help you with it within the timeframe of about 5-15 minutes. If you want more extensive help, then the tutor will direct you to schedule a tutoring appointment. 


Can I save my live chat conversations?

Yes, you can save the chat conversations to refer back to them later. When you end a chat session, you will have the option to view/save the chat transcript. 


What is the cancellation policy? 

Since live chat sessions aren't scheduled in advance, they also cannot be canceled. When you initiate a chat, the tutor will begin the session with you as long as you're asking your question during our live chat hours of operation. If you ask a question outside of our chat hours, you will be directed to our offline screen where our hours will be displayed. 

When you have a session at the Writing Center, you agree to our policies. Please read the Writing Center policies and procedures.