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The Career Center is pleased to partner with faculty to support our students’ success. We offer a variety of innovative resources that can support developed coursework, or that can be integrated in to your curriculum as a homework assignment or a class activity.

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Career Toolkits & On-line Workshops

 Resume Toolkit and Webshop

Utilize our 8-minute resume tutorial and samples to help your students begin their resume development! Assign the Resume Webshop as homework and as a second step, encourage students to take advantage of our resume drop-in sessions to work on refining their resume in a group setting.

Note: Resume drop-in is conducted on a first come, first served basis.

Interviewing Webshop Series

Our popular Interviewing Webshop Series is broken into three 8-minute videos. Assign this webshop to help students learn the basics of interview preparation and follow up. Pair this webshop with Big Interview-our online mock interview tool-to give students an opportunity to fine tune their interviewing skills.

Job Fair Success Webshop

Employers consistently comment on how well prepared our students who utilize this resource are. Promoting the fair to your students or helping them to prepare? Encourage them to take advantage of the Job Fair Success Webshop which shows students how to prepare to put their best foot forward at the job fair, and present themselves to employers. 

Job Search Toolkit

Teaching a senior seminar or capstone class? Help your students identify jobs of interest and develop a job search plan by assigning them our Job Search Toolkit as an ongoing homework assignment. This step-wise resource helps students:

  • Think about what skills they have to offer and how they would like to market them
  • Identify career fields, industries and specific positions of interest
  • Locate employers and resources to help them with their search
  • Develop a plan A, B and C for their job search
  • Begin to develop a professional network


Working with a frosh or sophomore class and interested in helping them assess their skills, strengths or values? Want to help them to make the most out of their time here at SJSU? The “Getting to Know Yourself” section of our website offers exploration activities and assessments that help students gain self-understanding as it relates to their majors and the world of work. These resources help students:

  • Identify and understand how individual skills, strengths, likes, and abilities relate to academic/career satisfaction and success.
  • Strategies and techniques on how to effectively explore majors and careers
  • Strategies on how to maximize a chosen major and thrive while at SJSU
  • Get connected to SJSU resources to promote engagement within the Spartan Community

Introduction to Career Center Resources

Are your students curious about how to use the Career Center or how our services can benefit them? Do they want to understand more about what services we have to offer? Assign them to view “Jessica’s Success Story”.  Jessica’s story follows an SJSU student through her journey with the Career Center, and how she used our services. 

Career Center Handouts

All of our handouts from major exploration to job search in one location.  Use these resources to support class assignments including interview preparation, portfolio development and more.

Additional Resources

Classroom Presentations and Career Curriculum Consultation

Integrate career related theories and real world activities to support your current curriculum. Work with a career consultant to include employment and economic trends, as well as self-exploration activities into your coursework. Contact your college specialist for a consultation or a workshop request.

Reporting and Data Collection

Increase the value of an SJSU degree by encouraging students to report their job and internship search success in our salary and employment survey.


SpartaJobs access for faculty/staff is currently in progress during Summer 2016. If you'd like to know what job/internship opportunities are currently available on SpartaJobs, please contact the Career Center at careerhelp@sjsu.edu.

Employer Referral

Have your Career Center liaison follow up with employers who have contacted you with recruitment, outreach, or candidate questions.

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