Online Resource Guide for International Graduate Students


 Here is what this guide consists of...

    • Finding an on-campus job
    • Obtaining an internship or full-time job
    • Networking to find an internship or job
    • Writing an effective resume/cover letter
    • Online resources to build interview skills
    • Tips for international students seeking jobs

You can either go to the specific topic you need or read everything through. At the end, there is an FAQ section to hear common questions from your fellow peers. Let's get started!


Are you looking for an on-campus job?

(Skip this section if you are not looking for an on-campus job)

Finding an on-campus job is competitive because there simply aren't as many job openings as there are job seekers. Additionally, as an international student, you do not qualify for on-campus jobs that require work study (a position funded through federal financial aid which international students do not qualify for). 

Do not get completely discouraged. If you have the time to apply, then by all means give it a try. Here are two website resources to find on-campus job

    • SJSU Handshake - This is the Career Center's job/internship database. You can do an advanced search for on-campus and students employment positions. Then you can apply to the ones of your interests.

Now, don't just apply to the job right away. You must remember this most important tip -Tailor Your Resume! 

The most important resume tip is to have a resume that matches the job you are applying to. For example, if you have an engineering background, you may have a resume that looks like this... The problem is if you are applying to an on-campus job that is primarily customer service and administrative tasks like this... Then your resume does not match the job. You must change your resume. You might even need to remove most of your work or project experience, and focus on what experience you have that (in this case) showcases more your customer service and administrative experience. For example, here was a past student's resume where she had a technical background... She was applying to a customer service related on-campus job. Thus, she changed her resume to look like this... Do you see the difference? She made her resume match the job. 

Read the next sections to better increase your knowledge on the job/internship search process.


Job/Internship Search Tips

Are you looking for an internship or full-time job?

... mention something about resume first... The process is primarily the same for both. Here are resources you can use to find a job or internship:

    • SJSU Handshake - The Career Center's job/internship database. 
    • - Database of internships in northern and southern California. 
    • - International general job/internship site.

That should be enough resources to help you find job/internship openings. Though remember, if you don't find a postings for a company of your interest, then go directly to their website and search under their careers section.

Finding an internship or job is a numbers game. In a competitive field such as Silicon Valley, getting 1 interview out of 12 applications is common. Knowing this can help you manage your expectations, time and even your emotions. 

What effects your probability of getting an interview?

There are several factors outside your control for why you do not get an interview. For example:

Now, the question you should ask yourself is "What can I do that is within my control?"

The time of the year

Gain more skills and experience


How to Network

We aren't talking about computer networking, but instead, networking as in talking to people in industry. This is still the #1 way to find a job/internship!

When you are networking, it is important to...

I highly suggest scheduling informational interviews with people you meet. An informational interview is...

Where to Find People

Personal contacts



Be patient, some may expect quick results, but that is not the mindset you should have when networking... focus on building the relationships and giving...

Now there are networking opportunities that are more geared toward recruitment, those are job fairs and information sessions. We host both here at SJSU. Here are some tips:



Resume/Cover Letter

There are 3 highly important resume tips you should know.

If you read the Finding an On-Campus Job section of this guide, then you probably remember me telling you the #1 resume tip is to have one that matches the job. 

Now take a look at these samples to get a better idea...

Resume Samples

For Internships For Full-Time Positions
Accounting Entrepreneurship
General Business Finance
Human Resources Management International Business
Marketing Management Information Systems



Interviewing Skills

Interviewing is...



Tips for International Students Seeking Jobs

Before even getting into the job, there are a few etiquette principles that are important to know... reneg... 

    • - 

The hiring culture here in the United States is very much oriented toward fit, more than just skills. 

Additionally, we encourage you all to have a global mindset... 

Also, don't forget to check in with your international office...