Build Your Network

two men shaking hands in crowd

Now it’s time to start connecting with other professionals in your field and building your professional network.  Remember: 80% of jobs are found through networking!

Informational Interviews 

Interview people working in the field you are most interested in to find out more about their career, how they got started, and what they can recommend to you. This is a great way to start building relationships! To find and connect with people you might want to interview:

    • Use contacts through professional associations and online networking
    • Ask professors, family, and friends for leads
    • Go directly to an organization’s website for contact information

Professional Associations/Professional Journals

Many of these associations have job listings and are also a good way to network with people working in a career field that interests you. Find local branches, join, and become active! Check out these websites for listings of associations by career field.


Listservs, blogs, and emails, are generated by many sources including academic departments, yahoo groups, professional associations etc., and are a great way to tap into career information and job listings. 

Online Social Networking

There are a number of online networking websites where you can make great professional contacts.